Abdul Razak Alhassan was unconscious for 10 minutes after brutal KO from Khaos Williams,Perry,UFC255

17 нов 2020
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Mike Perry feeling 110% ahead of UFC 255,
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Kenflo on Paul Felder,
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Weidman vs Hall verbally agreed,

Belal Muhammad and Khamazt Chimaev react to the latest rankings,

Figueiredo cutting weight for UFC 255,

Poirier to begin his training champ,

Maycee barber vs Alexa Grasso official,

Max Holloway vs Kalvin Kattar official,

Petr Yan takes an ice bath in Siberia,

Aljo says Yan is in for a rude awakening,
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Michael Bisping on Khaos Williams KO of Abdul Razak Alhassan,
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  • 10:24 hahahaha I can’t stop laughing at the way he yelled that 😂

    Bob RossBob RossПре месец
  • Nate would box Belal Muhammad’s face off is he serious

    Bob RossBob RossПре месец
  • I thought your a lot more likely to get brain danage if you're out for over 4 minutes.. Imagine someone dies in the octagon! That would be scary. These ufc fighters are beasts (most of them lol) but a hit or fall the wrong way could be fatal. 🙏 That never happens.

    Sarah-Jayne McdonaldSarah-Jayne McdonaldПре месец
  • What?! This is just a fucking slideshow after your bullshit ESPN advert.

    Curt's ClashersCurt's ClashersПре месец
  • Oh yeah chris overrated weidman and michael overrated bisping talks a lot it's so gratifying to see him knocked out by Henderson way back, I forgot there is also Luke the fluke rockhold who's also overrated 😂😂😂

    ace hebrewace hebrewПре месец
  • Good grief Uriah Hall is still fighting. He might like training, but Hall is afraid to fight. Maybe Weidmann can retire this waste of talent for us.

    Andy HowardAndy HowardПре месец
  • Perry is full of crap. Technique-wise he did look very good. Physically he didn't look his best. Didn't make weight probably due to drinking his ass off.

    Shawn RileyShawn RileyПре месец
  • Mike Perry sure went in 110%...110% overweight 😂

    E IE IПре месец
  • UFC blows the pay is shit

    Owsow Muskwa NaistusOwsow Muskwa NaistusПре месец
  • Was Perry talking about his weight being 110%?

    Chris HoelChris HoelПре месец
  • Perry about to get smashed.

    J FJ FПре месец
  • A treadmill is not the most effective way to cut weight or improve cardio. Fighters should get smarter.

    carlos oliveiracarlos oliveiraПре месец
  • Mauricio “dad bod” Rua

    robert solimanmrobert solimanmПре месец
  • Mike Perry’s ex wife has him in good shape

    JacobJacobПре месец
  • man, get a better format. I hate that stupid repetitive music.

    Rob WayRob WayПре месец
  • Coming in at 110%, but misses weight by 4.5 lbs.

    SpaceNateSpaceNateПре месец
  • ESPN is a rip off stream that shit fight fans

    Jason FosterJason FosterПре месец
  • Tony to Khabib where's your bear at?

    Tovi AchillesTovi AchillesПре месец
  • Mike Perry says it’s his first time going in there at 110% nah he’s going in there with 110% weight

    XxCoolestBossxXXxCoolestBossxXПре месец
  • Damn Mike Perry be the realest wigga on earth

    mrLmrLПре месец
  • Kenny Florian is a massive tool. Most consistently wrong in all his predictions and his 'take' on Felder stepping in is a complete horsesh*t. No surprise he can't land a steady colour commentary gig with the UFC.

    TheGeoff1848TheGeoff1848Пре месец
  • I disagree with Kenny Florian. Paul Felder saved the card by willing to fight in the headliner, thus all the other fighters on the card got paid and could feed their families. He helped the fighters and himself.

    nqi87nqi87Пре месец
  • Song? at the end with Till?? Anybody?

    TyBo L33T G4M3RTyBo L33T G4M3RПре месец
  • So tired of Deiveson Figueiredo’s coach/manager/hype man... whatever he is... he’s a coattail rider

    TyBo L33T G4M3RTyBo L33T G4M3RПре месец
  • Wtf? How did both Khamzat and Belal break into the rankings?! I’m more surprised about Belal taking Nate’s spot than anything. What is the ufc doing? 😂

    Akil BrazierAkil BrazierПре месец
  • Dustin looking good...Conor is always ready...DANA..make this fight happen!

    Hercules VournelisHercules VournelisПре месец
  • The Halloway vs Kattar fight is so underrated it’s unbelievable. That fight alone is worth the price of admission. Can’t wait

  • The built in add was so long im leaving this comment and watching something else

    Enrique SanabriaEnrique SanabriaПре месец
  • I've seen someone snoring after a knockout for 2 hours. It had us all scared, because he wouldn't wake up. It might of been longer, because he got knocked out around 3 am, and he didn't wake up until the sun was rising. We just dragged him to the corner of the house and let him sleep. It was a friend who was drunk out of his mind and was being an idiot. Maybe the alcohol kept him asleep.

    Tommy McCarthyTommy McCarthyПре месец
  • Why does mike perry sound black?

    AvrahamAvrahamПре месец
  • They totally omitted Razak from the post fight camera shots....but you could tell. The ref looked more worried than any ref I ever saw.

    Robert SothmannRobert SothmannПре месец
  • why is mike perry allowed to fight in any ring. bull spit

    Fuzzybunny 5150Fuzzybunny 5150Пре месец
  • yan will smash this choco

    bolo sepukubolo sepukuПре месец
  • Wow Deiveston Figueiredo looks identical to Wallid Ismail

    Raw MattRaw MattПре месец
  • All Hassan chaos

    thorthelionking odinsonthorthelionking odinsonПре месец
  • Mike perry- im 25lbs over weight a week away from the fight. Also mike perry: its the first time im coming i 110% the way i have prepared myself to be comfortable with any circumstance. 🧐🧐🧐

    #guitarcovers#guitarcoversПре месец
  • This 255 card doesn't seem strong enough for a PPV in my opinion.

    5trezip235trezip23Пре месец
  • Mike Perry's at 110% , he's getting knocked the fk out !

    StocazzoRaptorStocazzoRaptorПре месец
  • I think I also lost a few braincells for 10 minutes listening to Mike Bisping commentary. It's amazing one can make a living off of verbal diarrhea

    White WolfWhite WolfПре месец
  • Bisbing keeps getting worse and worse. I can’t believe it

    TheyCallMeNisTheyCallMeNisПре месец
  • I think Mike might get whooped on by tim means only time will tell though.

    Dr. GainzzzDr. GainzzzПре месец
  • Alhassan was shown on the stool saying "say what?" after the 3 minute comm break but it was removed from the broadcast and he's gone in the edited version.

    Jason RichardsonJason RichardsonПре месец
  • I hope khazmat stays humble at least until het gets the title shot

    Neck PepeNeck PepeПре месец
  • That seemed pretty shitty from Florian. Trying to act like Felder was a bad guy for taking a big fight with an assuredly big payday for a short notice fight that put his own career trajectory on the line. Sure it helped the UFC, that's why they pay people bigger money to save cards. If you don't want to take a short notice fight it's not like they're gonna convince the next guy by saying somebody else did it before. It's an opportunity with high risk high reward. The fighters all know it and some decide it's worth the risk.

    AdamAdamПре месец
  • When the toes point out like that, it means brain damage. I hope the best for him and his family!

    tonythoroughtonythoroughПре месец
  • Darren Till on the end.... I cant stop laughing XD That escalated quickly XD

    Maximum ImpaktMaximum ImpaktПре месец
  • I think people and the UFC have more respect for Felder

    Jim CJim CПре месец
  • Are Mike perry delusional 🧐

    fjordag dagslandfjordag dagslandПре месец

    Tha AnalystTha AnalystПре месец
  • Peter Yan didnt is a pussy w/ his Russian ice baths. He was right in and right out. Most fighters stay in for a few minutes at least.

    Snatch’n Necks “N” Cash’n Checks 💸Snatch’n Necks “N” Cash’n Checks 💸Пре месец
  • Williams really sent Abdul to the shadow realm........

    Asseater 420Asseater 420Пре месец
  • Felder is a true fighter. Kind of sound like a bitch complaining about him taking a short notice fight.

    joshx413joshx413Пре месец
  • Dam Robbie really ducked the Perry fight? Lol smh

    James TisdaleJames TisdaleПре месец
  • Lmfao the end

    Uknownothing Oohkilled emUknownothing Oohkilled emПре месец
  • Mike Perry coming in at 110% - so that means weighing in at 187lbs.......sounds about right

    ezzabig7ezzabig7Пре месец
  • Wallid dude creeps me out every time!

    nate pencilsnate pencilsПре месец
  • Was actually our for three mins minus the bisping hype lol

    Frank ZappaFrank ZappaПре месец
  • Poirier got them crisp straights

    slicvmslicvmПре месец
  • Looking forward to see Perry's GF gameplan in action this weekend.

    slicvmslicvmПре месец
  • Better start working on that speed Dustin looking kinda flat footed how you did in the 2nd rd knock out vs the king the first time.

    Anthony GarciaAnthony GarciaПре месец
  • Easy on the exaggeration, Bisping....It was only like 3 mins

    Raymond CalitriRaymond CalitriПре месец
  • That till vid cracks me up

    ysituationysituationПре месец
  • Diamond 💎👑

    NogodsNogodsПре месец
  • aljmain "i think" sterling

    Tomato CanTomato CanПре месец
  • Did he say fuck America?

    mr420mr420Пре месец
  • Bruh I swear I saw razak up after the knockout when they were doing interviews don’t do my mans more dirty man

    manny Riveramanny RiveraПре месец
  • Who here thinks Perry misses weight?

    Brew ΜπελαςBrew ΜπελαςПре месец
  • “Stiff as a board and out for 10 mins.” first thing in mind would be Bisping vs Hendo 1

    Ed HonchoEd HonchoПре месец
  • How come DUMB DUMB Perry doesn't have a real contender ?????

    Derek McIntyreDerek McIntyreПре месец
  • Perez will knock hin out clean

    Karim AmmardjiaKarim AmmardjiaПре месец
  • So if tim beats mike will the 110% change? Or qill he accept it hmm🤔

    brandon gloverbrandon gloverПре месец
  • LMFAO Sterling literally goes thru 5 different accents while he was doing his Peter Yahn love fest. 8:07 "NOT A BAD LOOK "LOOK AT IT" somewhere Ray Longo and Matt Serra are listening to this smiling and saying That's our boy.. That's our boy

    PoopHead333PoopHead333Пре месец
  • 1:42 into video Keith Perterson looks so pissed off that he is raising mikes hand for the win...ROFL

    kevin wallacekevin wallaceПре месец
  • Song at the end with Darren Till?

    OalmaxOalmaxПре месец
  • Lol you won't be seeing Perry! Dudes really overweight right now... [for his weight class] Ugh, the whole "finally fighting injury free thing" only works after the fight if you win. If you lose saying that prior to fighting that would be unbelievably embarrassing! It's almost like a curse for fighters who say this b4 a match. (Half the time its complete B.S and its them hiding an injury.)

    Maz TerbateMaz TerbateПре месец
  • Aljo is sounding like Michael Johnson before the Diaz fight...

    Doug PowellDoug PowellПре месец
  • So does kenny Florian hate Felder? 😂

    ChrisChrisПре месец
  • Florian is a tool. Fighters should be ready to go at any given moment. It's their job.

    Doug PowellDoug PowellПре месец
  • Can someone name the song from the end of the video??

    mechbrothermechbrotherПре месец
  • I like Kenny Florian on this one

    simonlpoissonsimonlpoissonПре месец
  • Why bisping talking like Dan Hendo didnt put him in a coma for a year🤔

    LeedleLeedleПре месец
  • Is crazy how Perez got a tittle shot and Brandon Moreno is 1# does Dana white don’t like Mexicans or wtf

    Jesus VeraJesus VeraПре месец
  • I knew Perry was dumb (he supports Trump) but percent is only out of 100 - that’s literally how it translates.

    Philip ThompsonPhilip ThompsonПре месец
  • Abdul Razak asleep for 10 minutes at work? Meh, id get sacked for that!

    SquidlingsSquidlingsПре месец
  • Fuck Poirer vs Conor..aint gonna happen...not a fight i wanna see...suddenly Mcgregor cares about CHARITY...🤨

    CrazycraigyCrazycraigyПре месец
  • 4:22...Poor camera work, cant understand a fuckin word your saying, even without the noise....why upload this SHITE...!

    CrazycraigyCrazycraigyПре месец
  • I can't stop watching this ending 🤣🤣🤣🤣 sooo good!!!

    2prinzes2prinzesПре месец
  • Roy Jones Jr. fighting under the name Khaos Williams in the UFC is so crazy. Starching people at that age as well, impressive.

    M.G.M.G.Пре месец
  • Sorry Sterling, Yan is going to walk through you.

    Red OrbRed OrbПре месец
    • Lol he’s the one in for a rude awakening

      James S.James S.Пре месец
  • Was wanting to see Robbie fuck Perry up

    Johnny Skiles JrJohnny Skiles JrПре месец
  • Weidman to Hall after Silva's k.o.: did we just became a best friends? Me: sad, sad

    ikor rokiikor rokiПре месец
  • Belal Muhammad is a Hamas supporter- rsworld.info/face/video/gGyBlKeHpXOjf6o.html

    CAIR on TVCAIR on TVПре месец
  • When Perry says he is coming at 110% does he mean weight?

    Абдулла Б.Абдулла Б.Пре месец
  • That guy reminds me of the bald guy from dispicable me

    johnny dennyjohnny dennyПре месец
  • Bro that Brazilian translator for Costa and Figueiredo is funny asl

    Jason MelvinJason MelvinПре месец
  • What is wrong with ufc promoting a talibans so.much?

    Mike DiamondzMike DiamondzПре месец
  • Sounds like Perry had one of the laziest training camps with no water, sparring old men at bars, and running home away from the cops for cardio. Tim means isn't all that but i hope he puts perry out cold

    Jason MelvinJason MelvinПре месец
  • What song is Till listening to?

    deadendpath ___deadendpath ___Пре месец
  • Dustins gonna get his feelings hurt. Connors gonna put him away and throw the Irish flag over his shoulders in front of the world like last time

    Dee FordDee FordПре месец
  • Besides you know damn well in public either at a bar or some party they're going to fight someone big or not. You can't say, HEY WAIT WE NEED TO WEIGH IN LOL

    Anthony FridayAnthony FridayПре месец