Darren Till reveals why he isn't cornering Mike Perry this Saturday in his fight at UFC 255,Cody

18 нов 2020
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Garbrandt fires back at Alex Perez,
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Deiveson Figueiredo on what motivated him to win the UFC belt,
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Valentina Shevchenko on Jennifer Maia,
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Eryk Anders gives a health update,

Anthony Johnson training hard,

Darren Till on cornering Mike Perry,
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  • The translator needs a translator

    Naz ZanNaz ZanПре месец
  • Of course Maia wants the belt more...She doesn't have it....Lmao.

    Max MooreMax MooreПре месец
  • Even I think it's weird Cody wanted to move down. I always thought he would love up. Cody just isn't who he used to be. That guy should still be on top but he is too emotional. I think a focused Cody can beat anyone top 5 at 135. It was an easy title shot to go to 125. It's that entitled bullshit some former Champs have...especially ones with ego. Cody has a lot of that

    Max MooreMax MooreПре месец
  • The Bullet is the easy money to bet on 💰

    RainCityG206RainCityG206Пре месец
  • Valentina ❤️

    Fernand GamboaFernand GamboaПре месец
  • Walid ismail needs to shut the hell up. The guy does my head in

    Toufic AlameddineToufic AlameddineПре месец
  • Mike perry still the realest wigga on earth!

    mrLmrLПре месец
  • A pregnant corner man w/no experience in the industry 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Will CWill CПре месец
  • Mike Perry the kind of guy to eat his tax deductions in cheese burgers

    dave ufcdave ufcПре месец
  • Gotta love Till. Class act

    The WraithThe WraithПре месец
  • Ok is anyone gonna speak on Cody’s hair plugs?

    J.L.J.L.Пре месец
  • Anthony Johnson seems like a great dude to get a beer with

    BrianonabikeBrianonabikeПре месец
  • Valentina marry me !!! mi amoooooor 😍😍😍😍😍❤️

    Andy MMAAndy MMAПре месец
  • I respect perry for not letting till corner him, it would have been fun but perry is on another mindset than till. Tills having fun with the whole situation but perry wants to hurt him and he’s not going to change his mind.... , I’d rather see them fight either way

    Andy MMAAndy MMAПре месец
  • Perry has a lot of work to do, he takes too much damage he’s gotta make his money and get outta there ASAP! He’s to predictable and fights like a robot, that’s not good and even worse at welterweight his toughness will not keep him in the ufc unless he gets wins soon

    Andy MMAAndy MMAПре месец
  • Anthony Rumble vs Thiago Santos

    Bong BongBong BongПре месец
  • Yeet

    Jon Bones Everybody JonesJon Bones Everybody JonesПре месец
  • Tito Ortiz for Huntington Beach 🏖 City Council.

    SvenSianez714SvenSianez714Пре месец
  • Why is Moreno to getting a tittle shot

    Jesus VeraJesus VeraПре месец
  • My advice to Mike is and anyone correct me if I'm wrong. On the walk out try to do it a little more calmer. Hes waiting to much energy jumping around screaming and yelling.

    This The BreaksThis The BreaksПре месец
  • Tony Ferguson has accepted to fight Michael "im not here for a long time, im here to stall time" Chandler, and he declined the fight

    Andrei MAndrei MПре месец
  • If the Shevchenko fight was happening in Brazil with a crowd I think they would say "you will die" to Maia and not Valentina

    There's a snake in my bootThere's a snake in my bootПре месец
  • Mike Perry for Presidency 2024 🇺🇸

    Julian PapinJulian PapinПре месец
  • Mike Perry, is Awesome but troubled young man!... PERRY FOR UFC PRESIDENT!!!... Hes unpredictable n is GREAT for the SPORT!!...

    V Twin PowerV Twin PowerПре месец
  • Till should concentrate on himself. His career is going down the drain, faking injuries and swerving ratlip.

    ThaiThaiПре месец
  • Imagine how dangerous of a fighter mike perry would be if he actually took his camps and cornermen seriously.

    Brian BowersBrian BowersПре месец
  • Im so excited for RUMBLE to come back to his home in the octagon! Lets go RUMBLE!

    Brian BowersBrian BowersПре месец
  • I think perry and till should coach tuf together that would be great

    Neil DanielNeil DanielПре месец
  • Valentina is so damn sexy; she'll walk away without a scratch. I'll tune in and enjoy her victory dance 🤤

    Jorge MezaJorge MezaПре месец
  • Do you think the chick fighting Valentina really believes that bs? Cmon Bullet win easy work. There’s only one women that competes w her.

    jeremy rjeremy rПре месец
  • LMAO, I like how they make it seem like it’s a secret that Mike Perry hates Darren Till

    Kison PyneKison PyneПре месец
    • Mike Perry doesn’t hate that nigga

      Freshy Been FreshFreshy Been FreshПре месец
  • Valentina should be main event

    James V.James V.Пре месец
  • I swear that lil boy looks like iZzy

    Lucas MendozaLucas MendozaПре месец
  • Anthony Johnson and Michael Chandler are selfie stars, not fighers

    JefeJefeПре месец
  • Till and Perry, still better love story than Twilight

    K CK CПре месец
  • ++++++++++Первый полусредний вес! Великолепная семёрка боксёров будущего! rsworld.info/face/video/Y4eDmJtpmKaPatg.html

    Никита Репкин Завтрашний БоксНикита Репкин Завтрашний БоксПре месец
  • 3:33 mahrajuwhana fight

    Noor KhairulNoor KhairulПре месец
  • I’d like to see Darren Till and Mike Perry stuck in a car together for a couple hundred miles

  • Serious question: does this ppv even break 100k buys? Lol weakest card of the year by faaaar.

    LiftedLiftedПре месец
  • Soon as they started talking bout rumble vs Ngaunnu Rumble ditched heavyweight and commin back as light heavyweight lol priceless ha

    Joyce TorrelizaJoyce TorrelizaПре месец
  • Rumble spent like 2 years trying to become a heavyweight than takes another year to come back and make return as a light heavyweight ? Wtf guy

    Joyce TorrelizaJoyce TorrelizaПре месец
  • lol, this figuero needs some ufc promo love seriously. Pay conor to throw some shit at him while hes waiting on a bus

  • Long time friend= Dana shut down the pay to corner thing so let's lie and say the highest bidder is a long time friend

    James ToddJames ToddПре месец
  • Wow, Garbrandt as eloquent as ever.

    OnceIWasYouOnceIWasYouПре месец
  • If a Guy has rib muscle 4:12 DO NOT engage 🚫⚠️a$$ whoppin' coming🔜

    Alysse WinstonAlysse WinstonПре месец
  • I was looking forward to till cornering Perry that would have been cool af.

    John MaziaszJohn MaziaszПре месец
  • Darren gotta be in the goat conversation

    Andy ReanAndy ReanПре месец
    • Up there with muhammad ali and mike tyson

      Andy ReanAndy ReanПре месец
  • I feel like if till loses he’s next fight at 185 if Perry calls for that fight he will get it

    Tim JimTim JimПре месец
  • I love the "don't care what people think comments"... well, if you call out the jews, you'll NEVER be successful... so there's THAT...

    Guy WilliamsGuy WilliamsПре месец
  • Why would AJ come back to 205?!?!?!

    Guy WilliamsGuy WilliamsПре месец
  • Its ALL RACISM... why would Cody get a title shot???!?!?!?

    Guy WilliamsGuy WilliamsПре месец
  • to be fair maia isnt completely wrong in her assessment that some champions do lose focus and lose that drive to remain champion, AKA Tyron Woodley. However, that is definitely not Valentina. Maia gonna learn that soon.

    Jon AlbaJon AlbaПре месец
  • 1:39 Cody thinking: I know exactly how you feel budeh

    Corsa15DTCorsa15DTПре месец
  • Am I the only person to always skips to the end of these videos to see the main topic contained in the title? It’s always at the end

    Jaden GoldschmidtJaden GoldschmidtПре месец
  • This Perry and Till beef might be my favourite in the UFC, it's so fucking dumb lmao

    kojikojiПре месец
  • till can only win fights phycologically, never physically.....lol

    MarsMarsПре месец
  • Mike Perry Are delusional , and he sucks, he need go to bellator..

    fjordag dagslandfjordag dagslandПре месец
  • I like how funny till is annoying mike perry haha

    angry carrotangry carrotПре месец
  • shogun would be lucky to beat craig..... 'be a good fite tho'...."if you don't kno?"...."now u kno!"

    MarsMarsПре месец
    • They fired to a drawl last year

      paul brizzipaul brizziПре месец
  • cody was literally champ at 135. wtf is perez talking about lmao. guy is delusional

    wrinkly starwrinkly starПре месец
  • Valentina so Focus / another level (they just cut her off 😎)

    Genghis JHANGenghis JHANПре месец
  • Rumble vs adesanya is a future matchup

    Lil BihLil BihПре месец
  • Bro what an opportunity storyline Mike Perry missed out on when turning down darren till Should’ve let him corner you and then tried to set up a fight with him down the line that would’ve made for some interesting TV and publicity

    Colby BlakelyColby BlakelyПре месец
  • Are Perry and Till gonna mate after Perrys fight?

    eleventeneleventenПре месец
  • I love this UFC soap opera drama..... Also, Mike Perry would be awesome friend to have.

    Frank JoFrank JoПре месец
  • Hahah UFC become like a bad tv show with this Perrys / Till story XD. Till is awesome.

    VagrantStoryVagrantStoryПре месец
  • rumble scared of ngannou

    TorqueTorqueПре месец
  • The KHABIB post against SARCOZY is very BAD !! SHAME ON YOU KHABIB !! I lost a lot of respect about you. WE NEED TO WORK TO KEEP the PEACE !! not the opposite!!

    david r10david r10Пре месец
  • Im starting to think Till loves Perry more than Latory.

    MrAddyanMrAddyanПре месец
  • Yo mike is a bitch for not letting till coner him it ain't that serious till said he'll raw dog his ex girlfriend LOL

    Asseater 420Asseater 420Пре месец
  • Till and Perry should do a buddy cop old school martial arts movie.

    Logan MialLogan MialПре месец
  • I'm the kid at the end.

    Papa Frank ValentinePapa Frank ValentineПре месец
  • Valentina is so damn talented it's crazy. She was even commentating the Spanish broadcast for the UFC recently.

    ꧁Mandalore꧂꧁Mandalore꧂Пре месец
    • Gangster she is

      Lazy ProphetLazy ProphetПре месец
  • First PPV in a longggg time that I ain’t buying

    BrilluK 98BrilluK 98Пре месец
  • I'm losing more and more interest in watching the UFC. Title fights and meaningful fights are few and far between.

    ghubbz36ghubbz36Пре месец
    • We dont Care . I love it

    • Byeee

      Canis AnimusCanis AnimusПре месец
  • I genuinely like Mike Perry. He just needs to set his mind in the right direction. It is a matter of time. Life wake all of us some day.

    findmeOnMapsfindmeOnMapsПре месец
  • Damn...Walid kinda Chill...he's usually WFO....?? Like him better this way...

    Dark CloudDark CloudПре месец
  • Perry is a mess

    Yvonne SandersYvonne SandersПре месец
  • Mike 'The crazy Nigga' Perry

    anuraganuragПре месец
  • Valentina is deadly. All her opponents better watch out

    Matthew LloydMatthew LloydПре месец
  • valentina is sucha warrior so much respect to her

    HSBHSBПре месец
  • Valentina hasn't lost an ounce of focus since she got the belt, I know this first hand since she never responds to my DMs

    Jay BJay BПре месец
  • This is going to be the biggest event ever. $$$

    cattalkbmxcattalkbmxПре месец
  • God shevchenko is sexy as hell

    Jake korachJake korachПре месец
  • bruh figuerdo I'm sure spelling is wrong but his translator needs a translator.

    tommy shelbytommy shelbyПре месец
  • I FastFoward through the majority of this this channel is falling off

    Chris JacksonChris JacksonПре месец
    • Shhhhh

      Canis AnimusCanis AnimusПре месец
  • Perry vs till will be money fight for Perry. And if he wins or even if he can do a good Perfomance his star value Will benefit from it

    Alan JosephAlan JosephПре месец
  • Mike “why you gotta be gay about it” Perry

    Armando PerezArmando PerezПре месец
  • imagine till actually giving perry solid advises during the huddles. thats gold right there

    eecyaj seranomeecyaj seranomПре месец
    • Perry would just brush it off just to spite him and then end up losing lol

      Akil BrazierAkil BrazierПре месец
    • @John Vanuatu angry perry is the thing u dont want to see

      Gald FieldrenGald FieldrenПре месец
    • @Tesla Farts that could work by making perry more angry

      John VanuatuJohn VanuatuПре месец
    • Daren just calling Perry a cunt for 30 seconds between rounds.

      Tesla FartsTesla FartsПре месец
  • Valentina “She’s Run!” Shevchenko

    Julio Daniel InsfranJulio Daniel InsfranПре месец
  • If Mike perry wins his Next fight we must start a petition to marvel so he can be the Next Black Panther whos with me!??👊🏿🙏🏾 #Wakanda

    William cordeiroWilliam cordeiroПре месец
  • I think Till deep down likes Perry. He wants to be his buddy

    Nasser NNasser NПре месец
  • Shevchenko should be main.

    QuezlarkQuezlarkПре месец
  • What is Cody thinking going down to 125? His brain is fragile enough when it is well hydrated, mark my words this is going to have a serious negative impact on his health. And I'm not just talking about his hair falling out faster.

    bob fromsalesbob fromsalesПре месец
    • I think going down to 125 is a good move for Cody. Cody isn’t as big as TJ, so the cut won’t be as hard or draining. Plus those guys are smaller and don’t hit as hard as 135ers while Cody already has crazy power himself at 135. So think of what he could do at 125. I think Cody would retain his speed and power and he could become champ at 125.

      Akil BrazierAkil BrazierПре месец
  • Everyone talking 10 pounds like its alot the fuck outta here 5kg aint shit i fluctuate 5kg in a day

    Burnie MacBurnie MacПре месец
  • Be 100%?? no way.... mike said he is going 110% this fight !

    Raul A.RRaul A.RПре месец
  • Mike Cherry

    bubu oxbubu oxПре месец
  • Mike Perry is crazy lmao.

    BerkleyCaliforniaBerkleyCaliforniaПре месец
  • Everytime I see mike perry n that entrance I be thinking he saying now everybody from the 313 put ur mutha fuckin hands up and follow me 😂😂😂

    Omar OrtizOmar OrtizПре месец
  • 5:09 I love the way Shevchenko speaks English. “Zey zon’t know waz about zey are zinking” “Iz not easy bey. Not easy bey at aull!”

    TheDxbrownTheDxbrownПре месец