Dustin Poirier is not going to Fight Island in Abu Dhabi to get beat by Conor McGregor,DC,Vegas 15 R

29 нов 2020
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Curtis Blaydes out of UFC Vegas 15,
UFC ON VEGAS 15 Results,
Daniel Cormier on Poirier vs McGregor,
Checkout DC and Helwani-www.espn.com/espnradio/podcast/archive/_/id/16787314
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  • Dustin will losse I like Dustin but he might of improved enough to beat the Conor that beat him first but not the new Conor all the lightweights are behind the 8ball with Conor there is only one that can beat him and that is khabib and I don't even like khabib

    Dylan I'm a mma hole DarkerDylan I'm a mma hole DarkerПре месец
  • Dustin wins this

    MMA ShortsMMA ShortsПре месец
  • She looks good bath water and all

    Scott HallScott HallПре месец
  • Tyron's music has 0.1 iq

    Soloman 5kSoloman 5kПре месец
  • When Conor Mcgregor is basically looking through you and thinking about his future opponents before even fighting you, be worried. Conor’s got a different type of mindset and is probably the only one who can underestimate somebody and it works in his advantage.

    Chase PotterChase PotterПре месец
  • Too many mf ads!

    JasonJasonПре месец
  • Hola gracias por aceptarme si te gusta comparte rsworld.info/face/video/eXtroLGIuYltd64.html rsworld.info/face/video/pZ6ZrbaVzp1qiLI.html

    carlos blancocarlos blancoПре месец
  • I really want Dustin to win. But it’s a tall order. They both look better at 155. Porier has a lot of power. Conor has more power in his hands. Dustin is the more improved fighter over the years. He’s fought all top level guys in brutal wars. Dustin has to get through the first three rounds, and try to work in clinch and take downs to tire conor out. Conor doesn’t have a finish after two rounds. Porier does have a very different mentality now than the first fight. He’s become a really smart, calculated fighter. If he can bring mcgregor into deep water I think he wins. But of course mcgregor is so dangerous early. Weight wise I bet they cut almost identical amount of weight. I don’t think either guy will look much bigger than the other. It’s gonna be epic. I just hope the fight doesn’t end the first few minutes. I wanna see a war

    Philip TaylorPhilip TaylorПре месец
  • Dustin accepted the same money from Conor that Cerrone did . This fight is rigged

    T WT WПре месец
  • If we judge by how they fought against khabib, then people have to admit conor is the biggest challenge khabib had. hate conor the person all you want, but conor the fighter deserves his respect. he was putting the pressure on khabib in stand up, making him back away and even run, and on the ground he showed great defense against him. i know , i know, conor cheated in some instances, grabbed the fence and the gloves, but still, he was very dagerous to khabib.

    juggernuts1000juggernuts1000Пре месец
  • Well alotta fighters have went to ani Dhabi to not lose, but unless it is a draw, someone gotta lose🤣😭

    ArlindBlazeArlindBlazeПре месец
  • there not going fight island cause Mc-tapout mite have serious problems with lets say the entire UAE for insulting khabib and his religion

    pedro ramospedro ramosПре месец
  • A fluke? Conor looked like a walking skeleton on them scales at 145 and he bounced his head off of that canvas.

    D. CD. CПре месец
  • Dustin is gonna starch Conor!!

    John SurfJohn SurfПре месец
  • A fluke? A loss is a loss buddy

    Puscifer03 DudePuscifer03 DudeПре месец
  • If dustin wins shit is gonna be amazing...

    Fernandez RandyFernandez RandyПре месец
  • Rachel can get the pipe man she bad

    Juan GarzaJuan GarzaПре месец
  • Tyron Woodley is a comedic genius

    steviewandasteviewandaПре месец
  • Haha is not going to fight island to get beat up connor..🤣🤣🤣..ahhh get fucked that's funny

    brown dogbrown dogПре месец
  • Ashlee: I’m not here to make excuses, makes a laundry list of excuses lol

    Eddie EnglehartEddie EnglehartПре месец
  • TWood you got too many yes men bro, but aye man long as you happy

    Snoop D go double gSnoop D go double gПре месец
  • Poirier lacks the killer instinct... He talks a good game but deep down he will fail. Conor can be beaten but poirier will bottle it

    Olbap RabocseOlbap RabocseПре месец
  • What's with the eyes girl.

    Rob DRob DПре месец
  • 6:25 Bill Algeo & Spike Carlyle looking like they hadn't even fought yet 😆

    LuvvyLuvvyПре месец
  • What y’all know about falling in and out of love?! This joint is🔥 This that grown folk music 🤣

    Akil BrazierAkil BrazierПре месец
    • Nah but seriously, if he wants to fight and WIN again he needs to gtfo of the recording studio and into the gym, and stay there.

      Akil BrazierAkil BrazierПре месец
  • I think Dustin beats Conor this time. Dustin is a championship level fighter now with that championship level experience and I don't think Conor has it anymore. Unless Conor catches Dustin with that one shot again early, I don't think Conor can hang with Dustin in a 5 round fight.

    DaLeadBullDaLeadBullПре месец
  • Hate that song

    Javier PinaJavier PinaПре месец
  • osss!

    Reezy OfficialReezy OfficialПре месец
  • Dustin Porrior Destroy Conor magtaper for his last Career match. Lol..😀😀😆😉😉

    Sports LoverSports LoverПре месец
  • Dustin is good, but McGregor eats him alive.

    Simon 'Borderline Dumpster Fire' RandallSimon 'Borderline Dumpster Fire' RandallПре месец
  • Ashlee should’ve just got her spine surgery then came back. What’s the point now you lost, possibly made injury worse, and you’ll be laid off again for at least up to a year.

    Brandon GarciaBrandon GarciaПре месец
  • Tyroon"Aaa fallin in and out of love fallin in and out of love Aaa aaa I hurt my rib I hurt my rib",Woodley

    subham jaiswalsubham jaiswalПре месец
  • Who also thinks that Dustin is gonna get eaten by McGregor again

    Johnny JazzJohnny JazzПре месец
  • Jonathan Pierce is Dillashaw in disguise.

    CCПре месец
  • Bit of a retarded statement he went to fight island to get smeshed by khabib 🤣

    Mike the MoocherMike the MoocherПре месец
  • No one goes anywhere to get beat idiot. Have you even saw Connor's body transformation? He will off Dustin's lights

    jeevan mjeevan mПре месец
  • This was not Hawaii’s night

    Waialua HowardWaialua HowardПре месец
  • Doubt Dustin beats Conor 2.0

    Jason MayJason MayПре месец
  • D most annoying rap hip hip song ever created' courtesy of who else its yours trully Tyrone Ear Buster Woodley...

    Rob GRob GПре месец
  • Mazany has a HUGE head... (Yeh I remember you making fun of Cyborg GM).

    Lolly BreadLolly BreadПре месец
  • Love Poirier, I really do, but he has and will always have this bar brawl mentality, especially when he gets in the pocket and they start firing. Conor eats those dudes up, that’s his style, and I think Dustin has improved so much, but motivated Mcgregor is a whole different beast.

    ODangWanaBangODangWanaBangПре месец
  • Bait

    MikeyP215 MikeyP215MikeyP215 MikeyP215Пре месец
  • Anderson Dos Santos is a ufc fusion dance

    MegaThejanaMegaThejanaПре месец
  • Every time I hear Tyrons music 🤦🏼‍♂️ Used to be my favorite fighter, now this man has turned into a parody of himself and forgot why he had the belt.

    TenToolzZTenToolzZПре месец
  • Dustin is going to win this damn fight! He is not going to get koed!

  • THE 💎 WILL WIN THE REMATCH 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Christian McDonaldChristian McDonaldПре месец
  • You are actually going! 😅

    EntoriashEntoriashПре месец
  • I've got nothing bad to say about Dustin, he's a tough bastard, but DC is talking shit, when he describes him as a pit bull on a chain in a yard.

    This is IrelandThis is IrelandПре месец
  • Not gonna lie tyron song is fire ❤❤

    kendell walters ZDSkendell walters ZDSПре месец
  • The best part, Tyron 😂

    Fernando DominguezFernando DominguezПре месец
  • Woodley's song is fire letsss go

    M11WM11WПре месец
  • the sad part is the beat to falling in and out of love with you is actually pretty good and the beat is totally butchered by freakin tyrone. come on man

    The EraThe EraПре месец
  • Diaz would destroy black man Woodley. No chance my friend.

    Justin HlisicJustin HlisicПре месец
  • DC must be just hating on conor because none of his points make sense. Pretty sure nobody's going into a fight to lose, conor had two belts around him and he talks about dustin being drained at 145, did you not see conor looking like a Skelton at 145? Like come on, also being a "dog" means nothing, eddie was also a dog. Plus people saying "Dustin has improved sense then" but so has conor so?

    william millerwilliam millerПре месец

    J.A.MJ.A.MПре месец
  • Good to see Smith get a win. 👍 I know he beat Alexander after he lost to Jones... but then had 2 more losses. Hopefully he can get his groove back. He’s a great fighter

    J.A.MJ.A.MПре месец
  • Still trying to promote that hot garbage

    j nuppj nuppПре месец
  • Damn.. Ostovich even fine when she cryin’

    J.A.MJ.A.MПре месец
  • Ha, Nick

    Tyler DurdenTyler DurdenПре месец
  • I respect Dustin,but we all know Connor is gonna beat him up.

    bettaplayitkoolbettaplayitkoolПре месец
  • Dustin is so bad at promoting himself

    The Priority BoxThe Priority BoxПре месец
  • Gotta Love DC talking up Poirier over Conor.. couldn't have anything to do with him being buds with khabib? Lol

    Anthony AumellAnthony AumellПре месец
  • Why is DC ‘defending’ Dustin? Sounds like a promo for a friend

    mattieskemoeviemattieskemoevieПре месец
  • T Wood is like the dude spamming comments with the "I hate to do this but check out my rap." Always pure fucking garbage. Wttfff is that trash.

    Wess WorldWess WorldПре месец
  • 13:30 is Tyron not smart enough to know him singing that song is a meme?

    codycastcodycastПре месец
  • I can't believe I'm saying this, but..... I like it too LOL!

    Robin GordonRobin GordonПре месец
  • The utter disregard Dustin is getting is very sad. This will not be an easy fight for McGregor, anyone who thinks the opposite ignores everything Dustin has accomplished in the years since the last fight with Conor. There's a reason the only guy Dustin has lost to in years was the same guy nobody (Conor included) has been able to beat. I hope he proves fickle fight fans wrong and wins.

    Red RainRed RainПре месец
  • Woodley is a tool

    matthew duchainematthew duchaineПре месец
  • Dustin is tough and he has made alot of progress but unless he grapples conor down early in the fight, i honestly dont think he can beat him standing up

    Alex GomezAlex GomezПре месец
  • 10:34 “he’s not going to get beat by Connor” But he went all the way there to get best by Kabib?

    codycastcodycastПре месец
  • 0:35 dummy. Let me record all my widescreen TVs in vertical mode. ROTATE your phone iiiiiidiiiiot

    codycastcodycastПре месец
  • I'm sorry I'm not a huge Conor fan but you're not just going to beat him standing 9 out of 10 times. I don't see Dustin taking him down.

    Antonio DAntonio DПре месец
  • Congrats Lionheart 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    King NahKing NahПре месец
  • Please stop subjecting us to Tyron Woodley's "singing/rapping". Christ, if he walked into the Octagon to one of his songs, he could probably get his opponent to tap out before the fight starts. God Awful.

    Chris CadeChris CadeПре месец
  • we are passing the champ champ era to the actually fighting next week era.

    Sergei ÁbregoSergei ÁbregoПре месец
  • Win or loose we all still love Rachel.

    TheOsirisOneTheOsirisOneПре месец
  • lol woodley

    hugh jameshugh jamesПре месец
  • Anthony smith beats noname unranked bum.... ANTHONY SMITH IS BACK WOWWWWWW

    duelinthisduelinthisПре месец
  • 9:47 no bud no!! ummm no!! awwww you on your way out bud 🤣🤣🤣🤣.... you suck dude 🤣🤣 awwww its ok

  • Woodley needs to retire from music and MMA. Awful!

    MM MMMM MMПре месец
  • Dustin is gonna disappoint just like last time...he did is not in the same level...3 round tko

    Billy RuckerBilly RuckerПре месец
  • Anthony smith is the man

    Dee CortezzDee CortezzПре месец
  • Ffs I always forget to look for timestamps so I can avoid Jessica 👁, never met anyone that can talk so much yet say so little.

    ExBeginnerExBeginnerПре месец
  • Evan Smith threw 99% fake shots and just 1% real strike in that fight.😑

    Mankai KnykMankai KnykПре месец
  • Excuses 6:01

    PrincePrinceПре месец
  • Fucking tyron 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Jeffrey McPhersonJeffrey McPhersonПре месец
  • Don't cry Ostovich, You're still DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!! 🔥 🔥 🤤

    e kliewere kliewerПре месец
  • Must mean Conor is going there to get his ass kicked.. And I can't see that either

    Mick 6387Mick 6387Пре месец
  • In the Lightweight Division- there’s Khabib, then Mcgregor right behind, and then there’s everyone else...

    Jango SAV & DJ DubsakJango SAV & DJ DubsakПре месец
  • 'Eat clean' I'm going to try that. No carbs. no fried...

    DeeDeePolishton TVDeeDeePolishton TVПре месец
  • Only statement Anthony Smith has made is that he’s a solid gate keeper.

    Gorilla JuiceGorilla JuiceПре месец
  • that ending😂😂😂

    BabuskiBabuskiПре месец
  • Anthony smith sounds like mark wahlberg. It's crazy.

    Mike MMike MПре месец
  • Jesus christ matt zarra is one of the best young talents in music and he collab with Tyrone :D hahaha cmon kid

    Pravda DoHubyPravda DoHubyПре месец
  • Lmao oh Dustin .he is getting fuckin sparked again and I'll be taking that to the bank !...easy money ...CM within 2rds

    AJE23AJE23Пре месец
  • Anthony getting a. Dub on his moms birthday king shit 💯

    Edgar RamosEdgar RamosПре месец
  • Can some1 plz tell me the name of the background music

    Poto RiotPoto RiotПре месец
  • I swear it's like Woodley is the Adrien Broner of MMA

    DarkSpiral183DarkSpiral183Пре месец
  • Im not a conor fan ( anymore since his mayweather fight ) But I don’t see poirier to win

    Osama Bin KushOsama Bin KushПре месец
  • 13:30 ... I like the live version better 😂