Israel Adesanya doesn't have the tools to beat G.O.A.T Jon Jones-Till,Khabib enters telecom industry

18 нов 2020
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Figueiredo plans to KO Perez,
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Alex Perez gives his prediction for UFC 255,
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Tony Ferguson vs Michael Chandler won't happen,

Khabib enters telecom industry,

Matt Serra on Khabib,
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Kenflo on Khoas Williams,
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JDS vs Cyril Gane official,

Darren Till on Jones vs Adesanya,
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  • I still say Israel would whoop his ass but we'll see when or if the time comes. Also, I am glad things are going well for my man, Khabib. Stay blessed, dude.

    DarkSpiral183DarkSpiral183Пре месец
  • Tony's the type a guy to fight in Dec & still wipe his ass w Chandler in Jan 💯

    Benjamin BoyerBenjamin BoyerПре месец
  • These guys do great work. They put in the work and I've been following this channel for a long time content quality keeps getting better and how can you not appreciate these guys showing up in doing this

    Benjamin BoyerBenjamin BoyerПре месец
  • Jones is going to be seen as the favorite to other ufc fighters but for Till to say he doesn't have the tools is funny af. I've watched Izzy burn through the best of the best in kickboxing for years. He out wits his opponents. He sees how they think or something but if you watch carefully. He try's to exploit what fighters do the best. Like Costas hook his goto weapon I waitted for him to throw it cause I knew that's what he wanted him to throw. Go back now and you will see all the best opportunities he set up for Costa to want to throw that hook.

    Jason RainwaterJason RainwaterПре месец
  • I dony really like Jones as a person. But he would destroy adysanya. And the only reason I don't like Jones isn't a good reason. I think he's too abrasive. Let poor DC eat his chicken. You've already proved he can't Touch you.

    Matthew HunterMatthew HunterПре месец
  • Izzy has been doubted to win every fight he's had. All the haters had their hopes on Costa, and looked what happened. Absolutely embarrassing dustruction of a beast. izzy is just warming up, he will adjust and adapt to Jones, and destroy him like every other hopeful.

    brendon ashtonbrendon ashtonПре месец
  • I have no problem the way Jon bone jones is but my opinion even though it doesn’t matter,that JBJ should not be labelled as a goat cause he cheated twice.

    Wayne HenareWayne HenareПре месец
  • The ending would've been so funny if you switched that guys, who turned off the song, head with Dana's head.

    DigestiveProblemsDigestiveProblemsПре месец
  • I see why people clown tyron for his music now😭

    Mike got cloutMike got cloutПре месец
  • Let them fight and save your opinion for someone who cares. There will be blood.

    Jim MeehanJim MeehanПре месец
  • Be ready for simcards wtf? What’s he going to sell Nokia phones

    Jay T SportsJay T SportsПре месец
  • Chandler thinks he will get the mcgregor fight 🙄

    NovaGodNovaGodПре месец
  • The end of this video 😂😂😂

    Cody BoydCody BoydПре месец
  • Well unfortunately we will probably never know if Israel does or doesn’t have the tools to beat Jones

    Craig AdairCraig AdairПре месец
  • The ending 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

  • Lol the Woodly song is gonna be a classic

    Christopher SweenChristopher SweenПре месец
  • Jones can't beat Israel on any occasion. Jones may have the physicality and he only depends on his strength but Isreal has a power that control his opponent behavior in the cage. If Isreal wants to beat anybody, he will beat them.

    Amos KennedyAmos KennedyПре месец
  • I wish khabib the best in his business life , if things go well with his business and don't see him coming back

    Fredrick EffiFredrick EffiПре месец
  • I don't consider myself a casual at all, I watch almost all of the UFC events and I watch MMA world regularly which alone lets you know I'm not a casual. I've heard of Alex Perez but I've never seen him fight and never even seen any highlights of him and he's the main event of a PPV card? Am I alone here? Bad marketing/promotion by UFC? Anyone else?

    DaLeadBullDaLeadBullПре месец
  • The “GOAT” Jon Jones is getting old, he isn’t fast enough anymore for Izzy... the only issue I really see is Izzy won’t have the ground game that Jones does.. while that hasn’t seemed to matter because of his footwork I don’t know if he’ll be able to run from a clinch or takedown from Jonny without taking some damage

    Jake DonovanJake DonovanПре месец
  • I’m sorry but a service provider is the last thing I expected Khabib to get involved in

    Mr CrackdonaldMr CrackdonaldПре месец
  • Jones is not the GOAT. How dare you say that. Hes a cheater and a disgrace to MMA

    packlesswolf1packlesswolf1Пре месец
  • Jones will destroy Izzy imo.

    KragaliciuosKragaliciuosПре месец
  • Imagine Junior and Amanda Ribas had children...the laugh they would have...

    Nik CurlNik CurlПре месец
  • That tyron woodley song tho !!!

    serra jinserra jinПре месец
  • Khan is not coming back he is an intelligent person and that post shows he is no ordinary fighter. He’ll be successful elsewhere

  • I really don't think Jones beats izzy... and more importantly.. what in the actual FUCK is this dude talking about saying 'steroids doesn't taint Jones career'!? YES. it ABSOLUTELY taints it. That's like praising a doctor who cheated his way through college. Fucking idiots I swear 😤

    Fresh ProduceFresh ProduceПре месец
  • Whiskey vs Telecommunication company, in Russia no less. . . . Khabib beats Conor again

    Motorsports in JapanMotorsports in JapanПре месец
  • Shogun gna get ktfo

    SneedySneedossSneedySneedossПре месец
  • Jones by submission

    AlanAlanПре месец
  • Lmfaoooooooo they always doing woodley foul 😂😂😂😂

    Paolo Versace SOUTH AFRICAPaolo Versace SOUTH AFRICAПре месец
  • I feel Jon Jones will lose his first heavy fight

    Niraj ParabNiraj ParabПре месец
  • i hate this generic soundtrack...change it pls

  • I heard same against poulo costa..#Izzy is a lion, gonna eat up goat 🦴

    Chukwubuide NnabukoChukwubuide NnabukoПре месец
  • Rare outro L

    GraysonGraysonПре месец
  • Good fuckin god who in the goddamn is encouraging Woodley to keep making music, I've seen Crank Lucas memes that are less tone deaf

    Reaper PeeperReaper PeeperПре месец
  • based?

    IppoIppoПре месец
  • Legal

    Yavimaya MayaYavimaya MayaПре месец
  • uh oh, now Khabib will get to know everyone's location.

    الأسود العنسيالأسود العنسيПре месец
  • these stupid person says shit don't count as "news"

    DogonyatDogonyatПре месец
  • matt sera is disgusting

    DogonyatDogonyatПре месец
  • That ending hahahhahahaha

    lol Sirlol SirПре месец
  • Chandler really said “I’ll fight anytime anywhere but not rn”

    Freddy LuuFreddy LuuПре месец
  • Tony Ferguson Just Lost One Fight, One Fucking Fight after One of the Longest win streak in UFC, and be on 3rd Rank in LW rankings 🤔🤔 Shocking man, I Guess he is treated badLy , unFairLy by UFC 👎👎

    Gaurav SharmaGaurav SharmaПре месец
  • Jones is scared of izzy

    Billy thielBilly thielПре месец
  • I always look forward to the end, !!! hahahah!!! always hilariously done !

    Danny RosalesDanny RosalesПре месец
  • Tony Ferguson funny af 😂

    Pablo RamosPablo RamosПре месец
  • 9:04 ironic that Khabib's shirt says 'dethrone' while he's point at Jones 😂

    Pavillion X35Pavillion X35Пре месец
  • Jon Jones Average cage time pre USADA : 14 MINS Average cage time post USADA: 20 MINS Finish rate pre USADA 8/16 50% Finish rate post USADA 2/6 33%* * Cormier finish included*

  • JDS always makes me smile.....good luck brother

    Dark CloudDark CloudПре месец
  • Props to the translator for keeping his job

    TristanTristanПре месец
  • jones was rubbish in his last two fights, hes ripe for the picking

    jack mastersjack mastersПре месец
  • Using roids is cheating straight up can't be the best if you needed help from enhancement drugs to win those fights would have been totally different with out john on the drugs

    Kevin HowardKevin HowardПре месец
  • Tools=PEDS

    DDПре месец
  • FYI jony bones is not the G.O.A.T

    Broken NativeBroken NativeПре месец
  • best endings everytime.

    Nick HollandsNick HollandsПре месец
  • People actually excited to see Shogun 🤨

    Bruno MosettiBruno MosettiПре месец
  • Fan here algorithm

    ManuBlackManuBlackПре месец
  • John Jones's "tools" are Turinabol

    The W0mbatThe W0mbatПре месец
  • Nobody gonna talk about the fact Tony said ‘Be gone Thot’ to Micheal Chandler 💀

    Government NameGovernment NameПре месец
    • 😂🤣😂

      Tj RawalTj RawalПре месец
  • I want to know wtf is Dana White doing with Michael Chandler. All that hype for what

    M. SiennoM. SiennoПре месец
  • GSP is the only fight he’s coming back for.

    Bob SacamantoBob SacamantoПре месец
  • ++++++++++Первый полусредний вес! Великолепная семёрка боксёров будущего!

    Никита Репкин Завтрашний БоксНикита Репкин Завтрашний БоксПре месец
  • Leon got taken off the rankings list for inactivity but Conor's on there???? Wtf everyone needs to drop that McNugget

    Jose MartinezJose MartinezПре месец
  • Something is definitely wrong with Tony! He didn't capitalise the first letter of every word like he usually does!

    Angelo MaraboliAngelo MaraboliПре месец
  • Who told Tyron he could sing?

    The Podcast About NothingThe Podcast About NothingПре месец
  • Perez is going to get starched.

    NDNstrengthNDNstrengthПре месец
  • It's stupid that Figuereido is headlining instead of Valentina!

    Angelo MaraboliAngelo MaraboliПре месец
  • Nice

    ThatGuyWhoInvestsThatGuyWhoInvestsПре месец
  • Why not eagle GPS, send me you’re location.

    Toni BlackstoneToni BlackstoneПре месец
  • Bruh ... The ending xd

    I luh youI luh youПре месец
  • Wtf happened to twood brain

    Joseph H.lalruatkimaJoseph H.lalruatkimaПре месец
  • Breaking : michael chandler has said he's only interested in top 5 opponents. He's pushing got an interm title fight against bj penn next november..he said Dustin, justin, tony an conor don't deserve to fight him yet because he would run right through them..he wants some real competition so he's pushing for the bj penn fight

    Danny HolderDanny HolderПре месец
  • There's a mistake in the title. They said GOAT jon Jones... but when u r a drug cheat u simply will never be the GOAT...

    Dead StreetDead StreetПре месец
  • Izzy got gyno....that shit happens when u have used to much shit like steroids

    Ray ClackRay ClackПре месец
  • Chandler is just a fuss! Did not accept RDA, did not accept Tony's call out.. Such a idiot Chandler is! Scared of the big boys!!

    Harsh DwivediHarsh DwivediПре месец
  • Woodley shut your aaauw auw my Rib damn mouth cus its time to get in the cage and be a gate waiter

    TRChaloTheDonTRChaloTheDonПре месец
  • Let's get this straight : Israel whoops jones

    spine spindlespine spindleПре месец
  • Salmon filet job

    Jaquariuss Quontavious Jermichael JrJaquariuss Quontavious Jermichael JrПре месец
  • Khabib: You buy my sim. I no need location.

  • I come ,just send me location

    iTz BOOGIEiTz BOOGIEПре месец
  • I wish they put Dana saying "I don't give a fuck at the hand" like he turned off the song

    Ido971Ido971Пре месец
  • These Americans don t seem to understand the value of a promise, especially made by a guy like Khabib to his mother...

    oOOo oOOooOOo oOOoПре месец
  • All the Khabib mobile send me location jokes are already old and were never funny in the first place. Low hanging fruit

    Snatch’n Necks “N” Cash’n Checks 💸Snatch’n Necks “N” Cash’n Checks 💸Пре месец
  • Chandler was just fight ready in Abu Dabi. How come he can’t fight b4 Jan? Is it cause he doesn’t want to cut weight twice so soon like Tony did b4 he got decapitated? Or is he just full of shit?

    Snatch’n Necks “N” Cash’n Checks 💸Snatch’n Necks “N” Cash’n Checks 💸Пре месец
  • Simple answer for Khabib Nurmagomedov, in his own words, he who beats Dustin next gets to fight fight him. It seems that everyone forgot he said it, but it looks like Connor has it worked out. So if Khabib brand means anything, we have a rematch coming. I hope Dustin's ready for war. Lets go. Its time.

    Rodney ChaselingRodney ChaselingПре месец
  • Ferguson with his stupid champ shit when he isn’t a champ and won’t ever be one

    James RussellJames RussellПре месец

    Jose ColmenaresJose ColmenaresПре месец
  • Taking fight against tony is nothing but stupidity If you loose tony will go up by feeding you If you win,,theres nothing credit cause tony is already finished

    My DadMy DadПре месец
  • God he sounds like Brock Lesnar! 7:48

    Nadeem WolverineNadeem WolverineПре месец
  • saludos gracias por cederme un poco de tu tiempo comparte

    bartolo fuentesbartolo fuentesПре месец
  • What tool is that cocaine?

    Oberlin FloresOberlin FloresПре месец
  • Future double champs Jon Jones Israel Adesanya Petr Yan Khamzat chimaev

    Lil BihLil BihПре месец
  • Deivesons translator needs a translator

    Derick AlvarezDerick AlvarezПре месец
  • Eagle Mobile- Sending Locations Everywhere

    VIZ DVIZ DПре месец
  • Hola gracias por aceptarme si te gusta comparte

    carlos blancocarlos blancoПре месец
  • You can worship a cheater but he will never be a goat. He is the best at snorting his legacy away.

    Romero ToailoaRomero ToailoaПре месец
  • Figuerido is gonna destroy, same as last 2 times. Too big for flyweights

    boisterous billyclubboisterous billyclubПре месец
  • Imagine adensaya taking 205 belt and moving up to take da heavyweight belt from jones

    Mercury LuizMercury LuizПре месец
  • Come on the No 1 again.

    Sabyasachi ChatterjeeSabyasachi ChatterjeeПре месец