Khamzat Chiamev reacts to his fight getting cancelled after Edwards tests postive for COVID-19,Cody

2 дец 2020
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Michael Bisping on Yair Rodriguez,
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Jimi Manuwa fires back at Anthony Smith,

Cody Garbandt expecting Figueiredo vs Moreno winner in March,

Pettis vs Morono set,

Claressa Shields on her MMA debut with PFL,

Leon Edwards OUT of Chimaev bout,
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  • Yair was suspended for a whereabouts violation. Bisbing, not everyone is on drugs.

    Michael WulfMichael WulfПре 22 дана
  • Covid-19 saved Leon Edwards life🔙

    Toutai PaluToutai PaluПре месец
  • Bullshit u can't test positive for a hoax

    the kid 86 /&41the kid 86 /&41Пре месец
  • Just hope Dana feeds him that Magny You'all barking about...Khamzat's the real deal here !

    brown laytte31brown laytte31Пре месец
  • leon just happened to get covid a week before the fight lol. you just know he realized how dangerous chimaev is and wanted to pull out. he should be booted from the rankings

    Motumbo BabatundeMotumbo BabatundeПре месец
  • can UFC just cut edwards? who gives a fuck about this guy

    forzaazzurri101forzaazzurri101Пре месец
  • COVID beating all their asses smh.

    Misfit OmegaMisfit OmegaПре месец
  • I hate when the UFC cancel fights. 😒 fighters need to learn how to take care more of themselves, have more discipline, or they will keep on going making these excuses.🙄

    CritiqueBoxCritiqueBoxПре месец
  • EDWARDS should just keep his pie hole shut

    Jesus JoseJesus JoseПре месец
  • Why do we have a "she-Woodley" in the video...

    Spike TrademarkSpike TrademarkПре месец
  • let khamzat fight!

    rjrjПре месец
  • Covid is all seeing eye horseshit.

    MattMattersMattMattersПре месец
  • Disney Bundle promotion with that voice was so damn funny!

    RealTalkRealTalkПре месец
  • Leon looking for a way out

    Big WillBig WillПре месец
  • Poor Leon......this hiatus from cage time has been brutal... Will he becomes forgotten?

    Jim MaherJim MaherПре месец
  • I have always enjoyed the comical spin from the end of these videos...... But.....I found this one grossly inappropriate. Khabib lost his father to have many others.... Not a time for laughter......not yet. Just thinking

    Jim MaherJim MaherПре месец
  • I didn't know that T- Wood have "sister

    Klemen PrepeluhKlemen PrepeluhПре месец
  • 10:57 This Corona is really creepy!

    yo elpyo elpПре месец
  • Stephen "I'll fight #11, anyone but Hamzat Chimaev" Thompson.

    Michael PhillipsMichael PhillipsПре месец
  • a lot of boring content... this channel has become crap... poor choice on the outro Edit: This channel is out of touch.

    Alexander HirstAlexander HirstПре месец
  • What is the stupid shit at the end with khabib and corona virus... his father died of it, idiot move and no respect

    hal bhal bПре месец
  • Am a big fan of mma world but that ending with Khabib was really insensitive considering his father passed away due to covid and its after effects on Khabib....humour is a good thing but mma world please draw the line...

    Naveed ShaikhNaveed ShaikhПре месец
  • I see similarities in Yair and Champagne (they both make it pop)

    Gvidas BeniuševičiusGvidas BeniuševičiusПре месец
  • The ending meme is in bad taste in my opinion. Why would Khabib be laughing, his father just passed after contracting Covid.

    Critical 1Critical 1Пре месец
  • Gastelum step up bro I know you want Chimaev

    Mikiel SahagunMikiel SahagunПре месец
  • Someone step up Khamzat is ready

    Mikiel SahagunMikiel SahagunПре месец
  • Edwards doesn’t have Covid absolute bullshit

    Steve HamiltonSteve HamiltonПре месец
  • Dang Edwards' career is having a hard time hopefully he has a solid recovery

    Don GuapoDon GuapoПре месец
  • didnt khazmat also tested positive?

  • Shields is a bum, I saw her on the rocks reality show and she got smoked by a nobody, she was gassing and got wrecked

    ShawnDon MMAShawnDon MMAПре месец
  • It would be cool if Claressa has success in MMA, but I really doubt it.

    StigmaShadowStigmaShadowПре месец
  • Edwards is a pssy

    Kai zKai zПре месец
  • Claressa Shields is one fine woman! I really hope she puts in the time and training like she said she will. Hopefully she can do good at MMA and make some noise in PFL. I'm pulling for her, let's go Claressa!

    Left Leg CemeteryLeft Leg CemeteryПре месец
  • Man I was really looking forward to edwards vs chimaev! Uggh

    xXBiOkLiSmXx xxXBiOkLiSmXx xПре месец
  • Like , if you think the music is so loud and annoying!

    Sa ShSa ShПре месец
  • Cody has no chin at 135lbs is he goes to 125lbs Davison will rip his jaw of his face wtf you thinking

    Matt 88Matt 88Пре месец
  • can you guys like, turn the bass of the background music down?

    Alejandro GomezAlejandro GomezПре месец
  • Were Claressa Shields and Tyron Woodley separated at birth?

    waves & hillswaves & hillsПре месец
  • Yair brings that Mexican style to the octagon....Mexican soap opera style to be exact. Kids career has been nothing but drama and he’s usually the diva causing it.

    Gorilla JuiceGorilla JuiceПре месец
  • Honestly massive respect to Clarissa Shields for being the only top level boxer to try their hands at modern MMA

    Joseph NissensonJoseph NissensonПре месец
  • I wasn't sure how Edwards was fighting, considering Britain's on lockdown.

    GodsInUsGodsInUsПре месец
  • Clarissa Woodley

    JRHJRHПре месец
  • Respect to Shields :)

    Hotep TigerHotep TigerПре месец
  • Wow what did yair do dana looks super angry talking about that lol

    Dr. GainzzzDr. GainzzzПре месец
  • Clarissa is a talker just like Woodley. A rude awakening awaits her unless they give her an easy fight.

    Jimmy NicholsJimmy NicholsПре месец
  • Yair and canelo buying there meat from the same carnicero in Mexico

    Junior 13Junior 13Пре месец
  • Clarissa “I’m here for a long time” Shields Michael “I’m here for a good time” Chandler

    Nick RobinsonNick RobinsonПре месец
  • Clarissa Shields i just hope she is not the female Tyron Woodley. Hoping to see her not to be in a car next time.

    Anam ShahAnam ShahПре месец
  • The end never disappoints 😂😂😂🤣🤣

    Hunter KillerHunter KillerПре месец
  • Cody isn’t even the best in the bantamweight and has no ever fought in flyweight but wants a title shot???smh hooe figuerido wins bc if gandbrant wins, the flyweight won’t be as interesting

    yzell gyzell gПре месец
  • First rumours Chimaev had Covid. Soon after Edwards has covid. I think Leon seen a perfectly plausible pullout and said yep! this guy is too risky to fight just yet

    DDПре месец
  • shi makes me mad ,leon wanted a fight forerver and didn’t get covid before but all of sudden he’s get a fight he gets covid, waht a coincidence

    yzell gyzell gПре месец
  • Shields is gonna be fed easy fights to protect her name this is a joke. Real mma fighter will tap her out quick

    Stephen PipkinStephen PipkinПре месец
    • i think so, couture vs james toney

      pseudosunpseudosunПре месец
  • I’m excited for Claressa Shields

    Joseantonio GarciaJoseantonio GarciaПре месец
  • Roflmax ending xD

    lolax16lolax16Пре месец
  • If khamzat doesn't take magney fight and fights another loser, he'll end up being called khanzat haha

    Lee MarplesLee MarplesПре месец
  • Surly if he popped then it WOULD be Dana's business.

    pobtronpobtronПре месец
  • that black girl got pretty eyes

    bekabekaПре месец
  • Neil Magny will whoop that ass!!!

    Anthony OdenbaughAnthony OdenbaughПре месец
  • Thanks for the video, MMA WORLD 🌎

    abudujana13abudujana13Пре месец
  • They should just put all those fights on one card!

    A Sperm Whale 69A Sperm Whale 69Пре месец
  • Not the ending I hoped for. I was expecting and new.......... And pic of the coronavirus 😂

    AJAJПре месец
  • LOL. That last bit of Khabib was hilarious

    Tactical EdTactical EdПре месец
  • Boxing striking is way different than mma striking 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

    Tyler DileonardoTyler DileonardoПре месец
  • I think the reason they are trying to make Leon vs Chimaev is because either outcome is good for UFC. If Chimaev wins, the hype train keeps going or Leon becomes the only fighter that stopped the killer Chimaev and they could push him to a big money fight. I haven't watched Neil Magny, but something tells me he is a good but boring fighter that might win by points. This is highly unfavorable to the UFC.

    Tactical EdTactical EdПре месец
  • That ending was golden

    Adolfo valleAdolfo valleПре месец
  • Was hoping Holland would go 5-0 Warrior regardless🙌🏽

    JasonJasonПре месец
  • At this point I'm pretty sure UFC is scared of Khamza losing to Magny. He asked for the fight no one wanted. Give the man some respect.

    King LeoKing LeoПре месец
  • Well Damn.,!

    MisteR MeagorTheCruelMisteR MeagorTheCruelПре месец
  • That backwards treadmill workout looks sick gota try that

    831 fpv831 fpvПре месец
  • Leon ducking

    wankelschmut johnsonwankelschmut johnsonПре месец
  • big risk leon big risk

    soner sahilsoner sahilПре месец
  • Yo claressa got the biggest nostroles i've ever seen I think.

    LuisLuisПре месец
  • Fight khamzat for a million lol I'd fight him with a ref to break it up and save me for 50k.

    Big Digg322Big Digg322Пре месец
  • Shields boxing should get her pretty far if she gets some decent TDD. It'll be interesting to watch how fast she can learn.

    HondudeHondudeПре месец
  • Cody should get 2 more wins before another title shot. 1-3 last four fights.

    ROACHROACHПре месец
  • whats that ball thing at 2:00 it looks fun as fuck

    KyuKyuПре месец
  • not just leon, they are all afraid. some mma coward bullshit

    Syam DinSyam DinПре месец
  • Boxers who think they can take a few BJJ and kicking lessons and go straight to the UFC.

    Superfly GuySuperfly GuyПре месец
  • Wow edwards caught COVID so he could avoid the ass whopping from khamzat

    jamal adamjamal adamПре месец
  • This Clarisa Shields is gonna learn a lesson the hard way.

    Andres JimenezAndres JimenezПре месец
  • Leon Bedwards

    Alex PopowskiAlex PopowskiПре месец
  • Love or hate leon.. make your mind up Gilberto 🤷‍♂️

    Fain CollinsFain CollinsПре месец
  • Leon Edward's vs khamzat Chimaev was the fight for the fans of MMA... 😑😑😥

    Fain CollinsFain CollinsПре месец
  • Everyone told Leon to get the fuck out of the UK! pffff

    WoodaWoodaПре месец
  • Everybody's catching covid it's almost like it's the flu?🤯99%everybody gets over it

    Do What Others Won'tDo What Others Won'tПре месец
  • Yoo real talk making Khabib the face of covid is fucked up...the shit killed his father .

    Charlie SpencerCharlie SpencerПре месец
  • 4:50 why does holdsworth (right end) look like dillashaw and ben askren combined

    Nathan KyleNathan KyleПре месец
  • Why should Cody get an instant title shot ? He’s coming off 1 win after a string of losses he should fight a top 5 first... earn it.

    Audrey LeelhasuwanAudrey LeelhasuwanПре месец
  • Clarissa shields > Tyrone Woodley

    Ross PygallRoss PygallПре месец
  • Leon just will never fight agian

    ReactionLabsReactionLabsПре месец
  • Clarissa Shields is trolling Chandler and she doesn't even know it.

    sidgeaberrationsidgeaberrationПре месец
  • Do we have to Reebok everything?

    William TrencherWilliam TrencherПре месец
  • Not really surprising leon pulled after all a recent poll said only one In 5 British people wash themselves more than once a day.

    matt daymanmatt daymanПре месец
  • Tony Vs Khabib 2.0

    sinjarasinjaraПре месец
  • hoping they give someone to khamzat but i'm not convinced. Magny could be too risky and derail the hype train of chimaev for nothing. I guess they will wait for that Edwards fight

    Gabriele PassoniGabriele PassoniПре месец
  • Leon Pussy Edwards

    Marty shawMarty shawПре месец
  • Tyron Woodley is back he looks allot better

    Gee MoneyGee MoneyПре месец
  • Dude I love your site and your videos are the best, but using habib at the end laughing about covid19 NOT cool his father died from covid19 ! Still I always look forward to your videos especially the last parts super witty just slipped through the net I guess mad love from the Uk fans

    Dean ChentoufDean ChentoufПре месец
  • Anthony Pettis is my top 10 favorite fighter

    Myles ScottMyles ScottПре месец