MMA Community react to the return of Mike Tyson against Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition bout,Dana

29 нов 2020
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  • Tyron Woodley been playing at exhibition level for his last 4 fights. WTF hes talking about...

    Get RektGet RektПре месец
  • Stephen Dana all MUSTA forgot#TYSON#54! #1966

    J JjJ JjПре месец

    Killer BunnyKiller BunnyПре месец
  • If those oldies had fought on the streets as a casual fight, they would have got more views on RSworld than on TV. 😆😆😆😆

    Licht AmSchluusselnLicht AmSchluusselnПре месец
  • STOP lettin Snoop Stupid commentate! He fucking cheapens every event. And for Tyson v Jones?? What were y’all thinkin?? It was already a tough sale for this not to be a sideshow and you let that clown announce. I mean Tyson looked great. The fighters ultimately showed up. But it would’ve been 100x better for the event to go off without that idiot sayin stupid shit the whole time. He’s cringey af on top of being incredibly unprofessional. Bad business move.

    sean kellysean kellyПре месец
  • I mean I paid my monthly fee to watch all sports no PPV payment at all, I feel bad for U.S citizens having to pay 50$ for that fight.

    Unknown EntityUnknown EntityПре месец
  • Yo tyquil....u aint fighting NOBODY..STOP...

    einstein disguised as robin hoodeinstein disguised as robin hoodПре месец
  • Woodley seems like the poorest UFC fighter out there, lives in a car and shows up in crack houses for a shower and a vid post sometimes.🤷‍♂️

    eugyeroeugyeroПре месец
  • Oh I get it now, Tyron Woodley has been fighting exhibition style in his last several fights.

    Mirna BeccaMirna BeccaПре месец
  • None of these ufc fighters can spell

    Adam PAdam PПре месец
  • Waste of time and money. PPV spar, ugh.

    hansendesignshansendesignsПре месец
  • I’m convinced we’ve slipped into an alternate reality, think about we’re commenting on iron Mike fighting Roy Jones two of the greatest to ever do it and now doing it against each other in 2020 god dam we live in crazy ass times

    Wayne JonkerWayne JonkerПре месец
  • Meh, Tyson was ok. The fight was boring, most of it was hugs and not much going on. And its a "draw", how lame can it get?

    Hower Power - Gaming 2Hower Power - Gaming 2Пре месец
  • Coming back after 15 years at age 54 and looking good is pretty insane.

    DarkSaganDarkSaganПре месец
  • Mike is 54 yrs old not 56yrs roy is 51yrs old.

    Andy AndersonAndy AndersonПре месец
  • Pathetic fight! Stop cracking their pepper, it was shit!

    Callum HornerCallum HornerПре месец
  • Why is DC so obsessed with Jones..

    Steady ManosSteady ManosПре месец
  • 80% process went to Charioty, You have two senior citizens giving us an exhibition which is a hard sparing match.

    Matthew NeuferMatthew NeuferПре месец
  • What's wrong with Cat Zinganos English? Nothing she tweeted made sense..

    Scott GScott GПре месец
  • What’s really sad the most entertaining fight was RSworld vs retired NBA player 2nd place was two 50y olds

    Gustavo SerranoGustavo SerranoПре месец
  • Despite everything, it seems that people are forgetting about these guys being FIFTY, or over, they shouldn't even be in an Mma gym, much less fighting, who cares if it's a sparing match or not

    Sabastjan AdamsSabastjan AdamsПре месец
  • Tyrone can be cool when he not bitchin about something

    Gianfranco TapiaGianfranco TapiaПре месец
  • that's not gilbert melendez xD

    Pollero20Pollero20Пре месец

    Miguel LotuacoMiguel LotuacoПре месец
  • lool chito is feeling himself

    tKK JazzySkunktKK JazzySkunkПре месец
  • @ 844 thats Gilbert BURNS not Melendez you fkn idiots.

    A.J. ViolaA.J. ViolaПре месец
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    Nathan McCarthyNathan McCarthyПре месец
  • 8:40 didn't know Gilbert Melendez actually was Gilbert Burns

    Dias AlimzhanDias AlimzhanПре месец
  • A draw is dumb and hugging is dumb rules are dumb roy Jones jr is dumb go Mike Tyson

    Myles ScottMyles ScottПре месец
  • Mike VS Kimbo.. that my friend would be a fight to see!

    Joseph DieusenerJoseph DieusenerПре месец
  • Mike VS Kimbe

    Joseph DieusenerJoseph DieusenerПре месец
  • Surprising they let them fight after the rappers hotboxed the arena

    Pedro DomingoPedro DomingoПре месец
  • Who gives a dam what cm punk is doin!! 😆

    Frankie MontanoFrankie MontanoПре месец
  • When I thought CM Punk couldn't get more irrelevant.

    Bray AllenBray AllenПре месец
  • This shit was just incredible. All I gotta say is if you are or are not a fan of Mike, watch his post fight interview.

    MDYTMDYTПре месец
  • 8:42 gilbert or melendez lol

    Dijhon GrahamDijhon GrahamПре месец
  • A Tie was just a way to Make more money and keep Future fights and people wanting more Open ..Tyson Won ...its all About Money.. oh wait Sorry Charity 😂

    yomomma luvsmeeyomomma luvsmeeПре месец
  • Roy holding on for dear life 100%. Made it a shit fight. He came to hold.

    Jason MayJason MayПре месец
  • The fucked up thing is Chuck wasn't playing.

    MegaSkillaMegaSkillaПре месец
  • We all know damn well Dana did not pay attention to the Anthony smith fight at all

    BFONK23BFONK23Пре месец
  • no meme? hmmm...

    RuimsRuimsПре месец
  • Chuck Liddell deserves some kind of award for that.

    MrRyuKashinMrRyuKashinПре месец
  • Can we all just appreciate Tyson fought jones high and won

    adam ganjamanadam ganjamanПре месец
  • Nobody: Tyron: “i should fight in a exhibition fight” Stfu forever Tyron!!!

    Joel LaFortuneJoel LaFortuneПре месец
  • Tyron defended his belt against Usman with "exhibition level agression"

    David CarbonDavid CarbonПре месец
  • Adesanya was very good in the commentary. The UFC should hire him as a commentator for some fights.

    Mike EzigboMike EzigboПре месец
  • Lmao if you dont accept draws then put in that work next time @Roy, Mike won anyway.

    AzBboyAzBboyПре месец
  • Tysons snap jab looked as prime as ever! Wow!!! His movements were so smooth and fast. 100% surprised he looked so good. Too bad Jr didnt come in like Mike did.

    TriplesevnTriplesevnПре месец
  • omg Chuck awesome!

    Jay GerlachJay GerlachПре месец
  • Stephen Bonner looks like Max Kellerman

    Mike SharonMike SharonПре месец
  • I'm with chito, if you bought this fight, get a life .

    PhoenixDarshanPhoenixDarshanПре месец
  • Tyson gonna slap Dana for saying he is 56 years old. 😁

    goodvibrations6goodvibrations6Пре месец
  • Diego Sanchez will be fighting in the ufc at age 54

    TheRedDevil NCTheRedDevil NCПре месец
  • Wtf ofcourse we all love Tyson but why in hell nobody is not giving love to roy Jones jr his a legend too Fucking Casuals

    killa khalidkilla khalidПре месец
  • I'm not sure how some of these UFC bums who are disrespecting these two legends can call themselves fighters..

    Ante IvcevicAnte IvcevicПре месец

    Mikiel SahagunMikiel SahagunПре месец
  • Tyron Woolley has been on exhibition mode for a minute. He knows exactly what it is and that he would get a reaction lol

    Freshy Been FreshFreshy Been FreshПре месец
  • They were both great, all around great fight my heart was pounding!!!

    Shanti TakemotoShanti TakemotoПре месец
  • please quit putting tyrone in these videos

    i _B_ WINNi _B_ WINNПре месец
  • Oye!!! Where's my memes ;(

    I luh youI luh youПре месец
  • israel "into to" adesanya

    KarimKarimПре месец
  • So clip after clip of idiots recording their wide screen TVs in vertical mode. Rotate your phones morons.

    codycastcodycastПре месец
  • bro y'all doing tatiana so wrong lmao -- please find a new pic!

    unrecoveryunrecoveryПре месец
  • 8:41 looks like Gilbert transformed into another Gilbert

    De beste Fortnite speler van NederlandDe beste Fortnite speler van NederlandПре месец
  • It wouldn't of happened in their prime surely as diff weight classes, luckily Jones put on a few pounds over time so its balanced but tyson still heavier by 12 pound or so so why peeps saying should of happened in their prime lol

    Ninja ThumbsNinja ThumbsПре месец
  • Tie up the old man get paid sparing rules kinda sucked. It was good to see tyson again

    peter dragonzpeter dragonzПре месец
  • T. Woodley iQ dropps down everyday

    mohammed soufimohammed soufiПре месец
  • My country it was listed for 2$ lmao

    Anirudh JainAnirudh JainПре месец
  • rachel ostevich is one fine specimen

    Saleh CheemaSaleh CheemaПре месец
  • Hey I have an idea, let's gather up all the washed up mma fighters we can find to lack luster sell the shit out this boring pointless fight between 2 retired old men. Who gives a fuck, lmg it was a 400 round snoozefest?!

    Rontube4Rontube4Пре месец
  • Calling this a draw, must have been the same people that counted the ballots for Biden.

    Reload Gaming VideosReload Gaming VideosПре месец
  • Mike looked strong and Roy looked scared

    Ridge GillespieRidge GillespieПре месец
  • WHAT A FARCE! We think in ourself THEY LOOK GREAT! We write for a thumb up

    Luca MartinLuca MartinПре месец
  • If you think that’s 2 uncles fighting at a BBQ who are your uncles? Captain America and Thor!

    James La RiosJames La RiosПре месец
  • 2 participation medals plz This was a joke

    ThunderHockey TFLThunderHockey TFLПре месец
  • I called it in the 3rd round that they were going to announce it a draw, because of the philanthropist purpouse of the fight, & to satisfy everybody..!

    jorgen mcgeejorgen mcgeeПре месец
  • Why do dumb people always say "let's go"

    samsonslmpson1986samsonslmpson1986Пре месец
  • DC a real fight fan

    TJ AmosTJ AmosПре месец
  • No meme at the end 👁👄👁

    jorge jarrónjorge jarrónПре месец
  • Mike Tyson won to me. They must've got their judges from the UFC. Wtf Lol

    Righteous Shadows DojoRighteous Shadows DojoПре месец
  • Tyson took stem cells. The world is satanic and God is coming.

    Charley WeinhardtCharley WeinhardtПре месец
  • As much as i love boxing im glad i didn’t buy that fight. $50 aint that much but i’m not gonna pay to just watch two men hug each other. Tyson looked amazing though

    Genie_47Genie_47Пре месец
  • Let’s see how you look at 54 Jon Fitch🙄

    Diego ThomasDiego ThomasПре месец
  • Cm punk is not a part of the mma community

    Gilbert GotfriedGilbert GotfriedПре месец
  • Tyson looked 20 times better than Chuck Liddell did in his last fight against Ortiz!!! Legendary af💯💯💯

    DeAuntre SmithDeAuntre SmithПре месец
  • I don’t understand the hate! They put on an amazing fight

    Kwame RaKwame RaПре месец
  • Over 50 and both their headmovement is better than mike perry, hahaha.

    ShoutOutBoxdenShoutOutBoxdenПре месец
  • Is Cat Zingano allowed to talk about BBQs like that? Lol

    Freshy Been FreshFreshy Been FreshПре месец
  • tyson can still beat woodly

    NovakNovakПре месец
  • 8:44 Gee, Gilbert Melendez is lookin different these days...

    Rory von MeyerRory von MeyerПре месец
  • 3:53 Oscar de la Hoya looks different next to Henry Cejudo...

    Jochen PeiperJochen PeiperПре месец
  • I thought it was shit

    Raph WalkerRaph WalkerПре месец
  • Chito vera must not watch a lot of boxing because that undercard was worth the 50.

    J. R. MagroJ. R. MagroПре месец
  • 8:40 - Gilbert Burns LOL

    HarjeetHarjeetПре месец
  • I'm only going to say this once. Never put cm punk in a reaction video titled mma fighters react. Cm punk is not an mma fighter. He was a pro wrestler with 0 experience who got a chance he never deserved and got whooped twice. Plus his reaction wasn't even on the Tyson fight. That legit made me upset. Don't disgrace your channel by putting garbage like that in the vids. This is an mma channel right?

    J. R. MagroJ. R. MagroПре месец
  • Tyson is the G.O.A.T! That fight meant nothing. Waaay too much clinching. Jones was a terrible opponent.

    Carl SmallacombeCarl SmallacombeПре месец
  • jones is a hugging machine!

    DavesKillerBreadDavesKillerBreadПре месец
  • I just want to take a moment to say that snoop dogs commentary was traaaaaashhhh.

    Whoeven KnowsWhoeven KnowsПре месец
  • Even dana watching the tyson fight 😆

    TotallyNotRedneckYallTotallyNotRedneckYallПре месец
  • someone tell joban that tysons slips weren't defensive, they were offensive. Thats how he closed the gap to deliver strikes, not what he did to avoid punches so he can leave the striking area.

    Geo BoisGeo BoisПре месец