TJ Dillashaw on people accusing him of using EPO for years before getting caught by USADA,Yair

3 дец 2020
163 268 Приказа

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  • All these steroids users should be banned for life we don’t need that in our sport.

    Daniel De La RosaDaniel De La RosaПре 2 дана
  • Dillashaw can just go to Bellator no gives a fuck about a cheating little snake

    Nathan HigginsNathan HigginsПре 3 дана
  • If tj loses his first fight back its not gona look good for him. He has alot to lose.

    Cody MarijuonkoCody MarijuonkoПре 3 дана
  • I feel like cheating with peds is easily done in this sport.

    Cody MarijuonkoCody MarijuonkoПре 3 дана
  • “It ain’t the first time he cheated its just the first time he was caught.” - Every reasonable person on the planet on TJ Dillashaw.

    John SmithJohn SmithПре 4 дана
  • Figuerados manager is so fucking annoying

    Man RansomMan RansomПре 4 дана
  • I believe TJD is clean. If you are hungry enough to cheat to be the best, then you are hungry enough to become better without it. Willingness to cheat implies willingness to make adjustments to win. This time he has to train so he can make up beyond any opportunities he will be given just to prove the world.

    Malachi R. WilliamsMalachi R. WilliamsПре 6 дана
  • Gotta give props where it’s due tj owned up and said some truly mature things, hopefully he really turns it all around

    Mike KingMike KingПре 10 дана
  • Woodley you ain't gonna win shizer. You don't deserve that black belt.

    Michael WulfMichael WulfПре 14 дана
  • Holy fuck rumble line, "Izzy clipped him and he dropped, if rumble hit him he dead" is the some of the hardest shit I've ever heard

    Luke LoomisLuke LoomisПре 25 дана
  • Let’s see tj’s physique 2 fights after USDA and 2 before then we’ll see

    jsosos casejsosos caseПре месец
  • Stupid snake

    TheShowtime 2TheShowtime 2Пре месец
  • Khabib Tapped!!! That was most def a tap..i bet deep down inside that is most likely messing with his conscious..he really took an L.

    Iszy PIszy PПре месец
  • The ending is sooo comedic 😂🤣

    Randall Wanzo IIRandall Wanzo IIПре месец
  • Look who it is ... The snake !!!!

    Miguel Grimaldo-RodriguezMiguel Grimaldo-RodriguezПре месец
  • yo!!!! kreepy bald guy!!!! stop pointing at me....

  • Did it once got caught , shit sounds right

    Will RobinsonWill RobinsonПре месец
  • Instantly liked vid after I saw rumble

    Bullin89Bullin89Пре месец
  • Only thing worse than a cheat is a cheater that accuses others of cheating. Once a cheater Always a cheater. U get 2 yrs and Nick Diaz gets 5 for weed. F U cheater. U should not be permitted back in the sport and should of forfeited all earnings and rank.

    John BellJohn BellПре месец
  • Cody Garbrandt is like the Mayans predicting 2012, except in TJs case the world did end

    Dam NemoDam NemoПре месец
  • Lmao. How’s he gonna deny it..people have been accusing him of it for years, and then he pops dirty for it. Down to the exact substance.

    16kings16kingsПре месец
  • GSP looks terrible

    MoryMoryПре месец
  • Derek Lewis is a national treasure.

    MorganZoeArtistMorganZoeArtistПре месец
  • A. Johnson 😂 😂 soo true

    Naz ZanNaz ZanПре месец
  • That Wallid is fuckin annoying...

    Sammy DodgersSammy DodgersПре месец
  • Tj lost all respect from real fans of the sport. Once a cheater always a cheater he should be banned from the UFC

    Major MusicMajor MusicПре месец
  • Junkies don’t belong among athletes

    William MyersWilliam MyersПре месец
  • I don't like what the did but that's still my boy. Crazy how fans turn on people. The man cut tremendous weight thinking his ass could go down. I understand why he did it. Was it right?nah. But I ain't gonna hate on him for that. I didint hate on silva jones Chael ect. Pay respect were respect is due.

    Mark GonzalezMark GonzalezПре месец
  • Woodley about to get cut and he lives in lala land

    AishaAishaПре месец
  • Woodley starting to look older and why is he shadow boxing throwing combinations? He doesn't throw more than 2 punches in a row in a fight anyway.

    DaLeadBullDaLeadBullПре месец
  • USADA ruined Woodley

    Hunter ShortHunter ShortПре месец
  • Woodley is washed up

    Neville BooneNeville BooneПре месец
  • Fact. Not a blow show. TJ.

    Matthew McMatthew McПре месец
  • Woodley needs to train vs post thats the problem in my opinion too much social media vs training now. Success kills the will and focus of some people.

    j3zhottj3zhottПре месец
  • Legendary meme at the end btw 🤣

    TTV Han Bowlo OGTTV Han Bowlo OGПре месец
  • Thats what happens when you cheat. We dont know when he started he has no honor. He could have been taking it in high school for all we know

    Josh DeKorteJosh DeKorteПре месец
  • Man I got a question. Why the hell are dillashaw’s shoulders soo narrow. It’s freaking me out lmao 9:07

    G100G100Пре месец
  • RDA is delusional.

    cryomanc3rcryomanc3rПре месец
  • Haha the ending was awesome.

    Shawn CharleyboyShawn CharleyboyПре месец
  • It's interesting watching TJ's excuses evolve over time. Originally it was just a "stupid mistake", but now claims he was "anemic" and that a doctor would have prescribed him EPO. Which is great, except for that fact that he never saw a doctor, but still managed to get EPO even though its a banned substance/PED.

    Dave VokeyDave VokeyПре месец
  • Woodley needs to retire. I was such an advocate when he was having that beef with the brass, but goddam, his heart just isn’t in it.

    Debbie DownerDebbie DownerПре месец
  • Why does tj have an extra ab below his 6 pack?

    R RogersR RogersПре месец
  • The bald headed guy is the weirdo I wouldn’t want around me.

    R RogersR RogersПре месец
  • Woodley was never a fighter, he was an athlete who fell in love with the idea of being a champion, and the image that let him portray. He spent so long ducking people and being super selective about his opponents, in an effort to protect his belt, that he no longer had the ability to be a top level contender, by the time he lost it. Now he looks like a tired, deflated, scared old man that has let his conditioning slide too much. he will never beat a top 5 opponent again, let alone retake the championship.

    LaSqueesha PineapplesLaSqueesha PineapplesПре месец
  • It is a three tap rule. There is no tap in reaching and putting your hand on the ground. Went off to la la land again. What a fake accusation. Is your name Wilder.

    bailee alligoodbailee alligoodПре месец
  • Figueredos coach is soo fucking annoying and tries to make every fight their in is going to be the greatest thing ever. “HISTORICAL!! IT’s S GONNA BE HISTORICAL!!” GTFOH!!

    Snatch’n Necks “N” Cash’n Checks 💸Snatch’n Necks “N” Cash’n Checks 💸Пре месец
  • Yair doesnt fight, he misses USADA tests. Wtf does the guy do ? Doesnt seem like a busy guy, he only fights 1 time every 2 years.

    GuyleGuyleПре месец
  • Usada would've caught tj earlier if he used epo earlier in his career. Still fuck him for taking peds. Glad cejudo cleaned his clock. This comming from someone who enjoys tj's style ALOT.

    Hank SmithHank SmithПре месец
  • Tj "every steroids great" dilishank

    MMA TalkMMA TalkПре месец
  • You gotta love Anthony Johnson

    Dave ScottDave ScottПре месец
  • Tyron is trash

    Dwight Kurt Shrute IIIDwight Kurt Shrute IIIПре месец
  • Conor will smoke Pourier I can't believe Anythony Johnson thinks Conor is done lmfao he knows better than that he just gotta go for his homie

    Anthony EmerickAnthony EmerickПре месец
  • Khabib vs dos Anjos was a good fight.i wouldn’t mind seeing the rematch 👍🏽👍🏽

    Imighteatu AlilhungryImighteatu AlilhungryПре месец
  • I really like TJ before he turned into a douchebag, and I'm not even talking about the drug use

    Jonathan VelderJonathan VelderПре месец
  • Come on Woodley I'm sorry bud you were awesome but I think it's over

    Jonathan VelderJonathan VelderПре месец
  • Tj blood doping and being on roids wouldn’t bother me as much if he didn’t call so many ppl out for shit like that before and act like he was better than everyone for not using

    Gllad95Gllad95Пре месец
  • Athletes who get caught using drugs should be banned from any sporting event world wide FOR LIFE .

    Jino VJino VПре месец
  • Rumble needs to shut the fuck up or fight.

    Alexander HaywardAlexander HaywardПре месец
  • Is it just me or does Woodley legit look like, a quarter of what he was now

    Uzi1967Uzi1967Пре месец
  • Obviously not dumb if u got caught. Its true 🤣

    BossBossПре месец
  • Honestly, I really don't care about TJ popping. Jones pops consistently and he still has fans falling over him. TJ is fun to watch and to my knowledge, he got caught once. If he pops again or prove that his past tests were dirty, it'd be different. Everyone deserves a second shot, I just hope he doesn't pop again.

    IpwnkyleIpwnkyleПре месец
  • If you don’t want to be ridiculed maybe don’t cheat? 😂

    E RivE RivПре месец
  • Tj the cheater. Other people win without lost it

    Marc RyanMarc RyanПре месец
  • What’s with rumble and all this sexual talk

    Mario LobosMario LobosПре месец
  • ufc get rid of woodley ffs guys a tool

    Lee SeymourLee SeymourПре месец
  • Yeah yair didnt update his app for a year I'm sure that's what happened

    Jalen WilliamsJalen WilliamsПре месец
  • Who da fook is that guy?!?!!

    QKSCP OpsQKSCP OpsПре месец
  • TJ bicep tattoo😳😳

  • More like TJ DildoShaw

    Jibbers DelightJibbers DelightПре месец
  • I remember seeing TJ put a clinic on barao finishing with a 27 punch combination. Seemed awesome at the time, all makes sense in hindsight though

    bigdaddytizzle1bigdaddytizzle1Пре месец
  • Oh Anthony JOhnson looks good again

    Mr SpankingtonMr SpankingtonПре месец
  • Mannn rumble needs to comeback give that man a big bag I’ll buy a ppv

    nomaxnomaxПре месец
  • Took the words out of my mouth. WTF is that guy!? lmao!

    Antonio DAntonio DПре месец
  • Love how Lewis put's Helwani in his place for trying to start shit.

    Edith SanchezEdith SanchezПре месец
  • He's acting exactly how you should act if you want everyone to hate you. Not willing to just take responsibility and work his way back up to the big fights... wants everything given to him after he cheats and most likely derailed some guys careers completely in the process. Have some pride and try to do it properly this time. Regardless of whether he took it once or a million times, people will assume the worst of a known liar. Needs to face that and just get on with it.

    Charlie ZelenowskiCharlie ZelenowskiПре месец
  • Everybody’s on steroids

    Adam KnappAdam KnappПре месец
  • Ariel Helwani on USADA availability violation. It can be 2 things Yair dont know how to use the app or he could be hiding something underneath the octagon ring together with bony. Haha

    joshuatree552joshuatree552Пре месец
  • EPO is so minor on the list of banned substances. He was gonna slaughter everyone at 135 regardless. And Cejudo was still gonna beat him at 125. He's gonna come back and be a terror.

    joshydep84joshydep84Пре месец
  • Screw that cheating SOB!!!

  • Ufcs wack! Gloved sissyz for drunk entertainment 🤣

    players whelmplayers whelmПре месец
  • TJ Coming back to face Cory Sandhagen will be A Interesting Fight 💯🔥❤

    Dipendra ChettryDipendra ChettryПре месец
  • That manager is SO FUCKING terrible. I hate him. Then again.. all managers are cringe

    H. JulesH. JulesПре месец
  • Nobody takes you seriously anymore Dillashank....Please STFU

    Li BirdinowskiLi BirdinowskiПре месец
  • Remember a while ago even TJ said he never had to do cardio because he was naturally that good. That’s the day I said he was on something cause every fighter needs cardio and road work. So he was either saying bs or EPO was flowing through his system allowing more oxygen making him not need cardio

    Code MeCode MeПре месец
  • GSP lookin like a EDM DJ n shit lol

  • Woodley lookin a lil soft body wise USADA mighta got em off the sauce he dont look the same...

  • OH SHIT RDA with the almost WIN... never saw that before... he got fucked by his rib but that deserves props

  • Get him told derek!

    David Saint-GermainDavid Saint-GermainПре месец
  • Do stupid things and people will talk he ruined his career and ruined a division at the same time

    Jesus JoseJesus JoseПре месец
  • Tj fucked his career majorly. Which sucks bc I'm a huge fan of his fighting.

    bak 138bak 138Пре месец
  • Fuck EPOshaw. "I only used EPO to help me cut weight" is the lamest excuse ever. Fucking Garbrant, his old training partner, accused him of using that exact PED well over a year before he popped.

    Kagemusha08Kagemusha08Пре месец
  • Woodley threw more punches in this clip then in his last 2 fights

    TX militiaTX militiaПре месец
  • RDA is tripping

    GJB SarmeriGJB SarmeriПре месец
  • Mackelmore has a French accent?

    Milo AfrodisiacMilo AfrodisiacПре месец
  • TJ has being doing EPO for years. Cody called it a long time ago aha come on. Don’t be dumb now.

    SvenSianez714SvenSianez714Пре месец
  • RDA sit down please, you barely beat Felder by split decision and now you are calling out Conor and Khabib, fight your way back to the top and deserve it

    ven omven omПре месец
  • I’ll knock TJ the fuck out with his glass chin look me up, Eric Andre

    Carnage Of pickleCarnage Of pickleПре месец
  • lol the autro..!😆

    jorgen mcgeejorgen mcgeeПре месец
  • You are a cheater, TJ. You should be banned for life.

    Dej BiiDej BiiПре месец
  • You guys are idiots! I was only cheating a little bit!

    Benjamin RozmanBenjamin RozmanПре месец