Tony Ferguson reacts to Khabib predicting his loss at UFC 256 back in October,Holland-Brunson,Perry

18 дец 2020
113 575 Приказа

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Kevin Holland calls out Brunson,
Source ESPN

Belal Muhammad tests positive for COVID,

Vettori healing up,

Garbrandt calls out Cejudo,

Anthony Pettis shows off a new signature move,

Cruz comeback at UFC 259?,

Wallid Ismail on Figueiredo's horrific incident at the hospital,
Source ESPN

Mike Perry training hard,

Namajunas on Dana White's FAKE NEWS,

Tony Ferguson on Khabib's prediction,
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  • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy that after losing a fight, goes home and cries into his elbows

    Maverick RhodesMaverick RhodesПре 13 дана
  • Keep being delusional Tony✅👍

    Prof HProf HПре 19 дана
  • I would rather watch things mma on a radio, black/white than pay a single dime to that fraud company Disney

    Blue 7lvnBlue 7lvnПре 23 дана
  • Tony is lucky.. haven’t met khan in..!!!

    365Videoman365VideomanПре 27 дана
  • He calling Khabib out after lose the fight is really stupid 🤦‍♂️

    SysSysПре 29 дана
  • That trip was Street Fighter all the way.

    Issac DavisIssac DavisПре 29 дана
  • Tony Ferguson, the type of guy to condition his winning streak by losing twice in a row.

    OllyOllyПре месец
  • Feel like everything khabib said and did is going to age well and make a whole lot more sense in hindsight

    Nico RentNico RentПре месец
  • At this point Tony's ridiculous statements sounds even more ridiculous.

    Brunon KowalskiBrunon KowalskiПре месец
  • that ending was awesome

    crapmonstercrapmonsterПре месец
  • Team Alpha Male guys are just a bunch of angry little men with no brains...TJ, Cody and the man himself proved it....parents didn't lay off the meth in the Hippie era

    B ZillaB ZillaПре месец
  • Vettori is a contender...he's a solid fighter and gave Adesanya his closest fight...Costa vs Vettori

    B ZillaB ZillaПре месец
  • Derek Brunson has officially become the gatekeeper since Bisping won the title...PS. Bisping would beat both Costa and Bobby Knuckles...

    B ZillaB ZillaПре месец
  • Tony should lay off the meth...explains the way he looks

    B ZillaB ZillaПре месец
  • How satisfying was it seeing Greg Get smashed

    Tague FrizzellTague FrizzellПре месец
  • @5:07 aren't translators supposed to be able to speak the language they're translating to?

    Idontknow IforgetIdontknow IforgetПре месец
  • Dude so f'n touchy. CTE hitting hard on Tony, for real.

    Active EvolutionActive EvolutionПре месец
  • ali if the king always speaks the truth then we wont see him in ufc cage again

    ten4ten4Пре месец
  • Whenever Dana says a certain person doesn’t want a title shot or doesn’t want to fight, that means they want the fight but he doesn’t want to pay them what they’re asking for.

    Akil BrazierAkil BrazierПре месец
  • I like Tony but now I worried about his mental health.

    Zeeshan AshrafZeeshan AshrafПре месец
  • bro tony said no excuses than writes an entire biography of excuses after the oliveira fight

    taizertaizerПре месец
  • Tony is delusional

  • Tony lost his mind lost two fights in a row and still thinks he can beat khabib

    Abdul razzakAbdul razzakПре месец
  • Perry should go to Kings MMA.

    cryomanc3rcryomanc3rПре месец
  • tony i nasty by a good why he is a real thug a fighter that dont care about anything and anyone. :) so awesome.

    LuniZZsLuniZZsПре месец
  • it bs when dana lie. then i really hate this dude, i knew it was fake with rose, when he sayed it on the screen that she dident want to fight for any titel i was faaling down the stol....

    LuniZZsLuniZZsПре месец
  • Khabib will hug you to submission

    Padraig MadagainPadraig MadagainПре месец
  • RSworld is asshoe! damn ali cold with that last comment!!

    demz nicedemz niceПре месец
  • This channel loves Mike Perry. He is a tool.

    DM CDM CПре месец
  • Tony's next fight should be a tune up against someone out of the top five.

    W. H.W. H.Пре месец
  • Baby Brunson pic loma

    Yomi18Yomi18Пре месец
  • Tony Ferguson, they type of guy whose tweets read like brain damage.

    J1NX1337J1NX1337Пре месец
  • I’ve seen this many times in my life what Tony Ferguson is suffering from ... ambition outweighs talent syndrome! Unfortunately for these that suffer from this mentality disorder develop a permanent delusional mind ..... 😂😂😂

    BoomboomBoomboomПре месец
  • I miss when MMA world wasn't just a mashup advertisement of podcasts.

    M PompM PompПре месец
  • Deiveson: I cut too much weight so I can have an unfair advantage against my opponents and here's why you should feel bad for me...

    HondudeHondudeПре месец
  • Who can tony possible fight next ?

    DL ThomasDL ThomasПре месец
  • rose "i wont act like a normal person until I get that conor compensation money" namajunas

    mmmmПре месец
  • When Khabib said Tony "is a little bit stupid guy", he meant a bit fakd up in his head. I would say go see a doc my man

    Vildan GVildan GПре месец
  • Whatever Tony. SO lucky he never got that fight with Khabib.

    Lj CastilleLj CastilleПре месец
  • Tony the type of mental loss guy he still mocking at everybody like shits Tony was lucky oliviera just gave him a arm Barr doesn't knock Tony head hard otherwise Tony will get submited into mental health institution for recovery man... Doesn't Tony knows he got beat up like shits twice in a row🤔

    Libra66Libra66Пре месец
  • Tony Ferguson vs Connor McGregor should be a classic🔙

    Toutai PaluToutai PaluПре месец
  • TF is Tony talking about, who is hiding, they had like 20 times lined up to fight.

    Michael PhillipsMichael PhillipsПре месец
  • 8:15 cool. Video of a fat mike perry. I hope he gets the mental help he needs

    codycastcodycastПре месец
  • 6:30 subtitles would be nice for this guys whole long rambling @mmaworld

    codycastcodycastПре месец
  • Tony can talk all he wants he a walking L now. Nobody taking him serious as a threat to Khabib anymore. #Overrated

    • This is Such a Brutal Sport, I Can see that some of Tony's fans left him, and Some Still with him, but Whatever, Yeah, No One is taking him Seriously Now as a Threat to Khabib anymore, Tony wouldn't beat Khabib.

      III Hassan HamroushIII Hassan HamroushПре 12 дана
  • If you went into the hospital at 11a.m and got out at 2:30 a.m nothigns wrong with you lol

    ozkan cilozkan cilПре месец
  • Tony can react however he wants....he won't ever fight Khabib with back to back losses.

    itsaveryvideositsaveryvideosПре месец
  • Agreed

    Scott FraserScott FraserПре месец
  • Wolvarine? It's hard not to be that guy

    Mr. SuhaibMr. SuhaibПре месец
  • To be honest, Tony Ferguson was overhyped .. even in his victories, he was every time getting mauled

    Al DenzelAl DenzelПре месец
  • Tony's just not the same. Hes past his prime or there's something going on mentally keeping him from being focused

    packlesswolf1packlesswolf1Пре месец
  • Dude! I would love to see cejudo vs garbrandt! I like cody more and didnt like cejudo much at first but I do now because he grew on me. I like cody more but I still think cejudo wins. Still would be a super fight. Make it happen dana!

    Words of WizdomWords of WizdomПре месец
  • Belal is sickly skinny. Hard to believe he is even a professional

    Words of WizdomWords of WizdomПре месец
  • Why all the fly weights gotta be weird lil Harry Potter looking mfrs?more? Talking some crazy zhit 30days darkness.

    Greg ShubertGreg ShubertПре месец
  • Pettis bout to get that 412 loss this year hell yea boi.

    Greg ShubertGreg ShubertПре месец
  • I cant believe yall watching dis vid without a mask! U gonna get da rona be rone. Dont worry fancy nancy got a vaccine. It will only hurt for a second. Daaaaaaaadaaaaaaaaaa.

    Greg ShubertGreg ShubertПре месец
  • Ian sorry still am a Ferguson fan but through all the shit that has went down you got man handled off olivera time for Tony to accept that if khabib does take another fight won't be him

    Kerry lyonsKerry lyonsПре месец
  • Mike Perry and Diego Sanchez should start a podcast together. PunchDrunkMMA

    M AndersonM AndersonПре месец

    Kevin SKevin SПре месец
  • Ferguson is a hype man. After that ass whooooopin to Justin he's nothing. Khabib would fucking smash Tony. Like a fly on the wall.

    Sage DavisSage DavisПре месец
  • Khabib GFC fighters can vanquish Tony anytime. 😂

    Ahmed SyahidAhmed SyahidПре месец
  • Marvin talks like Don Corleone.

    At Indie LifeAt Indie LifeПре месец
  • You know they gave figueredo an IV in the hospital. Wtf.

    Ian AnthonyIan AnthonyПре месец
  • Wallid ismail doesn't take care of his fighters very well. First Costa during Izzy fight. Now Figgy during Figgy fight.

    abhijeetchavhan37abhijeetchavhan37Пре месец
  • So if he can predict things why was he playin waldo in april????... why r peeps even still talkin bout waldo???

    Roberto C RodriguezRoberto C RodriguezПре месец
  • After Tony Gaethje it looks like he was mentally impaired

    Kaduk AranhaKaduk AranhaПре месец
  • Khabib is right...Tony needs to start transitioning out of fighting for his own good

    gregory arielgregory arielПре месец
  • Its so stupid to jave a translator that cant even speak english plus most of the time he speaks his mind not what the figther says

    Gaara UchihaGaara UchihaПре месец
  • Tony just retire

    Nadeem IqbalNadeem IqbalПре месец
  • Tony got absolutely railed in the Gaethje fight, then Oliveira proceeded to rail him in the gaping hole that Gaethje left.

    Andy pandyAndy pandyПре месец
  • They tried to hurt Deiveson Figueiredo by slashing his soup with some foul ish. Yet he came out on top like a legend

    Freshy Been FreshFreshy Been FreshПре месец

    Slađan VukajlovićSlađan VukajlovićПре месец
  • Ali talks too much

    mark vujovicmark vujovicПре месец
  • Cejudo is a smart guy

    gabriel abrantesgabriel abrantesПре месец
  • Unfortunately Tony Ferguson is still in denial...sad...m a Tony Ferguson's fan

    Naveed ShaikhNaveed ShaikhПре месец
  • My picks

    Midnight EagleMidnight EagleПре месец
  • I'm a crazy Tony fan but Tony saying khabib is hiding is absolutely hilarious n he just got humbled by charles yet he thinks he can beat khabib who's even a better grappler and striker than Charles so it shows how deluded Tony has become so instead of calling out khabib he needs to focus on how he's going to win his next fight most dominantly

    chris tamilanchris tamilanПре месец
  • Everyone other than Tony knows who wins vs Khabib.

    David GrayDavid GrayПре месец
  • Brunson vs Holland for the Main Event of UFC fight Night 💯🔥❤

    Dipendra ChettryDipendra ChettryПре месец
  • Dude I did not understand a word this fucking que ball said lol

    Danny CasabiancaDanny CasabiancaПре месец
  • Just fucking canmot believe it' tony is still a white belt after all these years' evidence is as clear as a mineral water' oliviera schooled him on jur jitsu. Poor toney' hype is dead...

    Rob GRob GПре месец
  • I'd love to put a 4inch nail to this baldies forehead straight up

    Rob GRob GПре месец
  • dana is going to book esparza agianst wei lei? yea, ok . that's going to be even worst than when demetrious johnson defending his title on a fox card. Dana is all about the benjamin. I dare dana white to book wei lei vs. esparza for a main or co-main card . its would be joanna vs. esparza 2.0 . casual fans ruining the fight game

    Adam PAdam PПре месец
  • what's a 'wolvarine'?

    Incorruptible Mike AdamsIncorruptible Mike AdamsПре месец
  • Belal French Montana Mohammed

    King OrfxKing OrfxПре месец
  • Damn Aldo is a beast, he’ll fight anyone

    Ryan WinsorRyan WinsorПре месец
  • Say what you want about mike perry but I genuinely hope he gets his stuff together and performs to his full potential coz he is a talented and entertaining guy

    Leo MoselinaLeo MoselinaПре месец
  • I haven’t been following but what’s good with Perry and the jello rolls

    SkryzeSkryzeПре месец
  • I used to respect canelo.. until his loss to ggg was deemed a loss

    William HernandezWilliam HernandezПре месец
  • there is................ "stupid guys"

    Muhammad HikmalMuhammad HikmalПре месец
  • Tony is the type of guy who was never the type of guy. Little bit stupid guy

    Billy BlancoBilly BlancoПре месец
  • Mike perry needs to be let go

    pyro eyespyro eyesПре месец
  • Tony has gone off the deep end. He still calling out Khabib like he is still the bad ass fighter everyone thought he was . Back to back loses . And on the second loss after being outclassed once again he saids his opponent was mentally broken on the first round. Wtf . Maybe he has Diegos Sánchez trainer now. That shaman fool . Time to go back to the drawing board bud . Evolve or become the next diego Sanchez .

    John182John182Пре месец
  • And look at these guys in the comments section, these are the same guys who use to lick tonys ass when he was winning 😂😂😂

    Lavesh RajpurohitLavesh RajpurohitПре месец
  • That Ali Alibaba needs to get ktfo fr

    alex galex gПре месец
  • Tony is done, he would never be the same Tony again, just like woodley

    Lavesh RajpurohitLavesh RajpurohitПре месец
  • Tony needs to take some time off.. For a guy who was on a 12 winning streak and now this. Rather than talk shit on Twitter like a hard guy he needs to re-evaluate 🤭.

    King LeoKing LeoПре месец
  • I'm riding with Tony till the wheels fall off. I just can't turn my back on him cuz of some losses. He's still 1 of my favorite fighters.

    Dee MunsonDee MunsonПре месец
  • Tony is a jobber. Shit it every time he gets a chance.

    J McJ McПре месец
  • Keep hiding kid??... I like tiny but after his last 2 fights it's pretty certain Khabib would maul him easier than mcgregor poirier and iaquinta.... I like tony but he needs to get a big win to even consider continuing to calm out khabib... the man looks washed... time to either prove us wrong or right next fight who's us where he's going.....

    Kaylem D'costaKaylem D'costaПре месец